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1 year TTC, IUI and PCOS questions

If you don’t want to do Paleo, try the insulin resistance diet! You actually eat MORE, just pair carbs with a protein in a 2 Carbs: 1 Protein ratio whenever you eat carbs. So if you eat a 20g carb snack, pair it with a 10g protein snack (hard boiled egg, etc). You never eat carbs alone. The insulin resistance diet greatly helped me get healthier. In addition, I’ve been doing some reading and it looks like supplementing with inosotol (used to be called vitamin B8) can do tremendous things for insulin resistance and hormone levels in women with PCOS. My doctor is super anal and doesn’t want me on any supplements besides prenatal but I might do them anyways. It’s suposed to be more effective than Metformin but with fewer side effects.

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