101 And Finished

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DOING IT FOR OURSELVES IN WALES A lifestyle change took place when we moved to our smallholding in Wales, we are leaving behind the consumerism of life, growing our food, raising our meat, living our lives to the full, enjoying every day the highs and lows of country living, but not going without just doing it better. Pages Sunday, 19 March 2017 101 And Finished Its Sunday and the bad weather that was forecast for the week end seems to have skimmed past us. Yesterday Martin spent the day concreting the second bay of the goat house and I was down the cabin sewing. Today the sky may have been grey but it wasn’t too bad outside I was determined to finish planting the Cherry Trees and set to with the help of the chickens 101 Cherry trees now planted all finished never to be done again yippee. I even counted them twice to make sure. Martin moved some more dumpy bags down beside the fruit cage for me to spread out during the week, he also fixed the pigs water trough again every few days the wreck it. He also made a start painting the small field shelter. Then we both got stuck into replenishing the log supply I brought the logs up from the field Martin split them Then I moved them to the log shed. I spent a bit of time in the poly tunnel pruning back the citrus trees picked the last two lemons I also cut back the parsley, this lot is heading for the dehydrator. When Martin walked Sol he picked a big bunch of wild garlic our first this year They were cooked up in a left over stir fry for dinner, there was a bit of Haggis left from last night a bit of chorizo and some oddments of bacon all cooked up together with some onions. lots of seeds are now germinating, the growing season is well and truly on the way, I got loads of squash seeds sown, in a few days I will do cucumbers also the tomatoes need potting on. I also made a start with the Basil and Coriander two of our favourite annual herbs. Time to jump in the shower now then sit down with my feet up for a bit. Posted by