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2016 IP Rebooters Version 2 – Page 18

Day 2 of the latest reboot, and it didn’t go as well as day 1. Yesterday, I killed it: 2 packets, a bar, veggies & chicken, water: No problem. I was so busy all day, I had no time to think about food. Today, I had to stay home with my daughter (after she threw up in the middle of the night), and I’ve had lots of time to think about food. Still, not too bad. I added a hard boiled egg after my morning packet because I was starving, and a bag of the sweet & spicy trail mix after lunch. But with any former attempts to reboot, I always resorted to nuts; and once I start I can’t stop, so I guess this is progress. It feels so weird to talk about what I’ve eaten; usually such a taboo subject inn polite conversation! But I’m glad I’ve discovered this forum: I think it’ll help. I hope it will help!

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