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25 y/o first attempt, blonde *9 weeks* [updated #46]

Quote: : A late welcome to the board to you! Dude … it all looks good. It’ll be just fine. Just let it grow. Yeah, I’d like to see some better pictures, but it all looks to turn out well!
Thanks bhster ! I am planning to upload some better pictures on friday.
Marco Quote: : Hello, Gait!
I’m have a similar problem: light colour beard and, what at first glance looks like weak cheeks. It looks like those cheeks will never fill, but in the end, with patience, they’ll catch up. It just takes more time.
Go on!
Hi Marco ! I’ll try to have patience! I just checked your topic, looks good man. Your cheeks are starting to fill in very well:)
Quote: : Your sides will need some more time, but there are some hairs already there, so I’m sure they will fill in. Keep growing!
I’ll keep on growing
Marco Quote: :

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