A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

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+ *This is the second double elimination episode of the spin-off, the first being in [[Down and Outback]]. *This marks the first time in the franchise that a returning character(s) is in the final two. *This marks the first time in the franchise that a returning character(s) is in the final two. *Several [[Total Drama]] characters cameo in this episode: *Several [[Total Drama]] characters cameo in this episode: Latest revision as of 02:11, May 16, 2017 A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars Collect a briefcase at the top of the Empire State BuildingRace to the midpoint Chill Zone at Central ParkSearch for the combination of the briefcase at a pond and race to the final Chill Zone Winner(s) Police Cadets (Canada, USA [Netflix], Hungary, Italy, Romania) Surfer Dudes (USA [CN], Israel, Brazil, Latin America, Australia, Netherlands, France, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark) Surfer Dudes (Canada, USA [Netflix], Hungary, Italy, Romania) Police Cadets (USA [CN], Israel, Brazil, Latin America, Australia, Netherlands, France, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark) Next episode TBA
The fi nal thr ee tea ms arrive in New York , the final destination of the race. In a cab driving, stair climbing showdown , two players have their final showdown, leading to a mad dash to Central Park where one squad finally vanquish their greatest foes and earn their long-waited comeuppance for what they’ve done (also someone ‘s biggest problem) but still have one team to contend with. In the end, that on e te am finally finishes and gets the million, while the other feels good they made it to the end regardless. Plot Edit The final destination of the Ridonculous Race: New York City.
The three finalist teams must now fly to New York for their next Travel Tip . All three teams believe they have a good chance at winning the race, as they all have survived numerous challenges that are thrown at them. After their flight lands at the airport, teams must compete in an All-In , which involves driving a taxi to the Empire State Building. Once there, teams must climb 86 flights of stairs up to the observation deck where they will collect their next travel tip attached to a suitcase. The Ice Dancers immediately start playing dirty, taunting the Police Cadets and crashing their taxi into the Surfer Dudes , resulting in their taxi spinning out of control and crashing into a pole. Lucky for them, they are near a subway entrance, so they take the train instead. The Cadets seize a hot dog car.
The Ice Dancers and Police Cadets end up stuck in a traffic jam, however, the Cadets are able to clear the traffic by impersonating a police siren, allowing them and the Ice Dancers to arrive at the building. The Surfers are the first to arrive at the Empire State Building, having no trouble at all climbing the stairs due to having done this in the very first episode. They find out that their next task is to get to Central Park for the mid-point Chill Zone and Don states that the last team to arrive at the mid-point Chill Zone will be eliminated. Unfortunately for them, Brody gets another leg cramp, much like what happened in the first episode . But this time, Brody came prepared as he kept a banana in his pocket for potassium, though it had become rotten by this point. He eats the banana, causing Geoff to spew. The Police Cadets arrive before the Ice Dancers, but fall behind due to Sanders insisting they find a proper parking spot. As the Surfers rush back down, they take the Ice Dancers taxi, mistaking it for one left by Don , while the Ice Dancers take the Police Cadets taxi. In a bid to catch up, MacArthur uses her police badge to confiscate a hot dog van and pursues the Ice Dancers. Geoff and Brody are the first to reach the mid-point Chill Zone.
The Surfers are the first to arrive at the mid-point Chill Zone and must make their way to a boathouse to ride a boat to the middle of a pond. Once there, they must find a combination that will unlock their briefcase. Elsewhere, the Ice Dancers get a flat tire and have their vehicle flipped over by the vengeful Police Cadets, resulting in them having to race on foot to the finish. The Police Cadets arrive at the Chill Zone, only to have their tip blown away by the wind into a drain. As the Ice Dancers arrive and getting closer, Sanders uses her broken arm to reach down the awkward angle of the drain and grab the tip. MacArthur then carries her to the Chill Zone before the Ice Dancers. As a result, The Ice Dancers are the last to arrive and are cut from the competition which leads to Josee throwing a temper tantrum by breaking a fountain. Jacques stops her before she can throw a hot dog cart at him and Don by telling her to accept the fact that they had lost and it’s over, which makes Josee cry and hug Jacques only to be crushed by the hot dog cart she had been lifting. They believe that their tactics weren’t worthy of winning the competition with Josee promising to be a better person, only to push a lady in the fountain afterward. Don happily tells the Ice Dancers that they are eliminated, and rank 3rd place.
The final two teams use a map to make their way to the boathouse, but the Surfers end up going to the wrong one. After getting the right combinations, the teams will attain the directions to their final Chill Zone inside the briefcase, where the first team to arrive will win one million dollars. The camera then switches to the previously eliminated teams sitting at the bleachers, some using the interview expressing their opinion on the final two. Rock is excited that someone is going to win the money, but Spud mistakes this as themselves being in the finale as finalists. The Tennis Rivals make jokes about the finalists and how bad the finale is. The Step brothers reveal that they’re rooting for the Police Cadets to win, due to their athletic skills. Taylor admits that she’s glad that she and her mother got cut from the competition before they had to do any of the disgusting challenges . Crimson is happy about the Ice Dancers’s elimination, but Ennui carefully reminds her about showing happiness. The Ice Dancers are still bitter over their elimination and each give a score of “0.0”. Meanwhile, both teams have trouble searching the buoys for a combination, and MacArthur tries to flirt with Brody, who seems to be more focused on winning, much to her anger. The Cadets are the first to find the correct combination, but in their excitement, MacArthur accidentally creates a hole in the boat and it begins sinking. However, they manage to make their way to shore before they submerge, with the Surfers not far behind.
After reaching to shore, both teams quickly run as fast as they can to the final Chill Zone with the eliminated contestants cheering for them. In the end, one of the teams reached the finish line and is declared the winner. Regardless of who win, only the Ice Dancers are not happy but Don blatantly says he doesn’t care. In both endings, the Surfers admit that they have a good time during the Race while MacArthur admits that being in the Race taught her a lot and realizing that her partner is stronger than she thought. The winning team celebrates their victory with Don and the other contestants join them in a final group shot as Don signs off the show. Police Cadets’s ending Edit The Police Cadets win the million.
In the final race to the Chill Zone, the Cadets are the first team to arrive because of them picking up speed and win the million dollars. Sanders celebrates her and MacArthur’s victory while the Surfers hug each other despite their loss. In the final group shot, the Cadets are celebrating their winnings. Surfers Dudes’ ending Edit The Surfer Dudes win the million.
In the final race to the Chill Zone, the Surfers are the first team to arrive and win the million dollars as they celebrate. The Police Cadets congratulate the Surfers on their win and MacArthur asks Brody to call her, much to his delight. MacArthur admits that while it is embarrassing that her team didn’t win, the race helped her realize how competitive, strong, and forgiving her partner is. In the final group shot, the Surfers are celebrating their winnings. Cast Carrie , Devin , Dwayne , Ellody , Emma , Jay , Jen , Junior , Kitty , Laurie , Leonard , Mary , Mickey , Miles , Noah , Owen , Ryan , Stephanie , Tammy , and Tom all appear; but do not speak. However, they are heard cheering. Anne Maria , Blaineley , and Chris each make brief appearances; however, they have no dialogue. A man driving a car, the intercom on the train, and a cart vendor speak, though it is unknown who voiced them. Trivia This is the second double elimination episode of the spin-off, the first being in Down and Outback . This marks the first time in the franchise that a returning character(s) is in the final two. Several Total Drama characters cameo in this episode: Anne Maria is seen outside the Empire State Building. Chris is seen sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper in the streets of New York City. Blaineley is seen carrying boxes from an assumed shopping spree, although she is wearing a pink dress. A wanted poster of Ezekiel can be seen in the background. A graffiti of the skull on Duncan ‘s shirt can be seen on the walls of a building. Sky ‘s older sister can be seen walking by the airport. Cody ‘s, DJ ‘s, Katie ‘s, and Tyler ‘s Camp TV design were seen throughout the episode as either pedestrians or drivers. The Rob Ford look-alike from the premiere is seen in front of The Empire State Building. The butler from Total Drama All-Stars , appears at the top of the Empire State Building, in the observatory deck. The man in the Hawaiian shirt from The Aftermath: IV , a female intern from Jamaica Me Sweat , and one of the men from Dakota’s paparazzi entourage are seen running away from Geoff and Brody’s taxi. The homeless man from Celebrity Manhunt’s Total Drama Action Reunion Special who stole Ezekiel’s wallet as well as in Broadway, Baby! , during What’s Not To Love , is seen sleeping on the subway train next to the Surfer Dudes. When the Police Cadets run after the Ice Dancers after having their taxi stolen, they pass by a woman who looks like the mother from Broadway, Baby! who had her baby carrier swapped. The doll from That’s Off the Chain! and The Enchanted Franken-Forest appears on the bench after the Ice Dancers try to sabotage the Surfer Dudes while driving a cab. Leshawna’s bag from Not So Happy Campers – Part 1 and Haute Camp-ture appears in possession of a background character. When the Ice Dancers’ taxi flips over, a silver medal can be seen hanging in their taxi as a reference to them winning silver at the Olympics. Continuity Edit The presence of snapping turtles in the Central Park pond is a callback to Broadway, Baby! Taylor mentions the exotic animals eating challenge from New Beijinging and the spa challenge from I Love Ridonc & Roll , the first two episodes after her elimination. Sanders indicates she picked up on MacArthur’s reckless driving skills, which she had shown in earlier epi sodes . Brody recalls the climbing of the CN Tower in Toronto during the first Either/Or in None Down, Eighteen to Go – Part 1 , when he and Geoff climb the Empire State Building stairs. Like in the first episode, Brody suffers from leg cramps while climbing the stairs. MacArthur uses the same technique to hijack a hot dog car which she did to commandeer the cab in Mediterranean Homesick Blues . The old lady who Josee pushes into the fountain looks like the Travel Tip giver from New Beijinging , though her attire has changed. Devin hasn’t fully recovered from his injuries , as he is seen with his head still covered by bandages. Dwayne no longer has the tattoo on his chin he got during Maori or Less , suggesting he had it removed. Brody has lost the extra weight he had in the previous episode . References The title is a reference to the 2014 film A Million Ways to Die in the West . Brody references King Kong when he mentions about a “huge gorilla went bonkers” on the Empire State Building. Sanders impersonating the police siren may be a reference to Larvelle Jones, a character from the Police Academy franchise, who also has a habit of impersonating realistic sound effects. The hot-dog car is a reference to Oscar Meyer’s Weinermobile. Like The Amazing Race , the finale for the Ridonculous Race has three teams competing. However, one team is eliminated midway unlike The Amazing Race , where all three teams reaching the finish line. Goofs Because the Surfer Dudes’ taxi was crashed by the Ice Dancers, they end up taking a subway to the Empire State Building. Despite this, they didn’t receive a penalty. Josee has two ponytails. At one point while the Ice Dancers are running to the midpoint Chill Zone, Josee has two ponytails, one dry and one wet. The Ice Dancers are somehow able to join the other previously eliminated teams near the finish line ahead of the finalists, despite them walking away from the midpoint Chill Zone earlier. This could be explained by MacArthur taking some time to fix Sanders’s cast and the Surfer Dudes wasting a lot of time before realizing they arrived at the wrong boathouse. In the Cadets’ ending: The table holding the money is missing in one shot. Part of MacArthur’s body is still outside of the Carpet of Completion, but they still win, despite Don telling Gerry in French is an Eiffel Language that the contestant’s entire body has to be on the carpet. Additionally, Sanders is not standing on the carpet. In the Surfers’ ending, the Police Cadets feet can be seen running up the stairs to the carpet before the Surfers, yet the Surfers still reach the carpet first and win regardless. Gallery The final three of the season. The Surfer Dudes feel they’ve got luck on their side. MacArthur states that she and Sanders are the team to look out for. The Ice Dancers are confident about their chances for winning. The final three teams arrive at New York City. The contestants rush to the nearest taxi. The Ice Dancers in their taxi. Josee tells Jacques to drive faster. The Surfers in their taxi. Brody explains why history is important. “Do we want to win? Yes. Do we need to win? Also yes!” – Sanders MacArthur compliments Sanders’s driving skills. Josee blows a raspberry. The Ice Dancers ram their taxi into the Surfers’ taxi… …making them spin out. The Ice Dancers apparently enjoyed ramming the Surfers. The Surfers scream as their taxi spins out of control. The Surfers’ taxi is totaled. The Surfers take a subway. Josee screams in agony due to the traffic jam. The Cadets are also stuck in traffic. The Surfers in the subway. MacArthur’s attempt to impersonate a police serine… …until Sanders steps in and does it perfectly. The Surfers reach the Empire State Building. “Watch out for falling gorilla poop.” – Brody The contestants driving to the Empire State Building. The Surfers are the first to reach the top of the Empire State Building. Brody gets a double leg cramp. Brody eats an old banana in order to recover from the injury… …and he succeeds at doing so. The Ice Dancers brag about being the first to the building… …as the Surfers run past them… …which angers Josee. The Surfers pass the Cadets. “Yeah, we’re coming for you next.” – Sanders “Last team to arrive is gonzo!” – MacArthur “Don has left another ridonculous taxi for us!” – Brody The Ice Dancers steal Cadets’ taxi. The Cadets commandeer a hot dog car… …to which they describe as being a wonderful experience. The Police Cadets speed up and flip the Ice Dancers’ car upside down, to Josee’s chagrin. The Police Cadets pass the Ice Dancers. The Surfers running in Central Park… …and couldn’t find the site of the second challenge. The Cadets reach the midpoint Chill Zone… …but their tip is blown away by the wind. MacArthur tries to get the tip back from the drain. Sanders uses her broken arm to get the tip back. MacArthur beats the Ice Dancers in a race to the midpoint Chill Zone. Josee smiles before she loses it at their elimination. “Oh no.” – Jacques, when Josee is about to throw a tantrum. Don screams before Josee throws things at him. Ice Dancers’ departure. “I am so proud. And disgusted.” – MacArthur MacArthur admits she is the sidekick of the duo. The surfers realize there is more than one boathouse. The Police Cadets and Surfer Dudes must find the golden travel ticket for the final challenge of the season. The eliminated teams are waiting by the finish line. “Woah! This is the finale?… …We’re in the finale!” The Tennis Rivals make jokes about the final two teams. The Stepbrothers are rooting for the Police Cadets. Taylor is glad she and her mother got eliminated before the most disgusting challenges. Crimson is “happy” over the Ice Dancers’ elimination. The Ice Dancers does not support either two teams. A snapping turtle gets on the Police Cadets’ boat. Sanders searches for the numbers. MacArthur tries to distract Brody, but he seems more focused on the challenge than on her. The Cadets are the first to open their suitcase. Don with the million dollar prize. It is neck and neck heading down to the finish line. “For the last time, I don’t care!” Don signs off the show and their first season of the race. MacArthur collapses on the final Chill Zone. Sanders tells MacArthur they won. The contestants and Don gather for a final group shot. The surfers celebrate their victory… …and hug each other. MacArthur tells Brody to call her. The contestants and Don gather for a final group shot. See also