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A Woman Screamed and Flung this Journal into the Woods : nosleep

Founders Note: Hey there no sleep, I was going on a walk the other day through the woods when I came upon a clearing and heard a gunshot ring through the forest, upon investigation a woman made eye contact with me and threw me this journal. I have decided to take the time to type this up because I’m not sure what to do with it, as the house and its occupants last time I checked have completely disappeared. I will not have time to type up the full journals contents today, but will be uploading it all over the course of the next three days. But, let me know what you think I’ve got to go to work.
Entry #1
Hey guys, I’ve recently been given the chance by my editor Drew to break a story on a nearby cult. He did not want me to do it but after weeks of pestering him he relented and gave me the job. This could be my big break and I’m very excited about it! Wish me luck I start tomorrow.
Entry #2
Ok. In order to see what I’m getting myself into I’m going to do a little recognizance before heading in, the Mansion where the cult and its leader Robert stays is located just through a thicket of woods on the outskirts of a town called River Glenn. It is located on private property so I’m going to do my best not to get caught and heed the signs warning of being liable to a gunshot. I’ll be updating multiple times today to take notes.
8:00 AM:
I’m hunched down in the woods far enough back where I don’t think I will be noticed. I’m hiding behind some bushes and trees with a binocular that gives me a good view of the expansive clearing that the Mansion sits on. The place is eerily big and dusty looking. It’s 4 stories high with 5 windows on each level.
No activity yet, just me and a warm mug of coffee.
9:00 AM:
We have movement, precise movement, very odd. Right when the clock turned 9 all the lights in the house turned on. Following this, I could see two figures through the binoculars walking up to the Windows. They seemed to be women ranging from about 20-to the mid 30’s. They stared vacantly out the windows of the old mansion for 5 minutes. Real creepy shit. After another 10 minutes a loud ear piercing bell rang and everybody turned in a circle one time and continued looking blankly out the window. Interesting.
9:20 AM
The bell rang again and again all of them turned around in perfect unison.
9:30 AM
For the third and last time the bell rang and everybody knocked on the window 3 times and walked away from the door.
10:30 AM
The front door has opened and everyone (I assume) came out of the house in a straight line, with Robert in the front.
All of them stood in a straight line facing away from the house and are currently just staring off into the woods in complete silence.
11:00 AM
They turned around in unison and shuffled back inside and closed the door.
12:00 PM
They seem to be having some kind of service, each person having a chance to speak.
8 PM
An 8 hour service holy shit. Well I’m packing it in for the day as it seems that everyone is headed to sleep so I will go and do the same.
Entry #2
Ok, I have been back to the house 3 times in the past 3 days. Each day the routine has been consistent. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to sneak through the underbrush near the window where they hold their daily service so that I can get a good idea of what these people are all about. To be very honest this place is equally fascinating and terrifying, every fiber of my being is telling me that if I was a smarter woman I would have left the second that I saw the “window ritual.”
Entry #3
Ok, it’s ten minutes until 12 pm and I’m currently as close to the window as I can be without getting noticed. I will record any interesting transcriptions of Roberts’s speech here.
Robert: Good morning ladies and gentlemen isn’t it a beautiful day to be alive?
Congregation (in unison): Sure is Robert
Robert: Shall we get started my friends?
Congregation: Whenever you’re ready! (Loud applause and cheering erupt)
Robert: (he’s just standing there staring into the crowd he hasn’t said anything in a minute.)
After 5 minutes of silence:
Robert: Juliana please comes up to the stage.
Congregation: (applause and cheering)
Robert: Quiet down now. Juliana has been very faithful and trustworthy in our cause to become free of the chains that bind our body. For that I’m grateful and couldn’t be more proud to bestow upon her the honor of being able to teach level 1’s and 2’s our views and route to everlasting happiness. I will now turn the mic over to Juliana!
(More Applause)
Juliana: Isn’t it a beautiful day to be alive?
Congregation: Sure is Juliana!
Juliana: Today it’s my proud honor to be able to present our level 1 graduates with level 2 medals!
3 people are walking down the aisle to the stage.
Juliana: Ladies! Your graduates!
Juliana: Congratulations gals! What are your names?
Lindsey: (looks around the age of 35) Lindsey!
Lindsey passes the mic to the next girl
Alex: (looks to be around 16) Alex!
Sarah: (looks to be around 18) Sarah!
I have a creeping feeling of paranoia right now that’s overtaking me. I keep glancing back expecting someone to be watching me. That’s enough information for one day. I’m going to go back into town, have a few beers, and run these names through google and see what comes up.
Entry #4:
I knew something was odd about those names. I ran a Google search on each of their names and each of them came up on a missing person’s database! Each missing for more than a period of 10 years!
My next thought initially after seeing this was to go to the police. But what if I’m wrong?
It would be a hell of a coincidence, but I’m printing out the pictures just to be sure.
I met with my editor Drew and went over what I have learned about the cult so far and of my interest in Juliana, Lindsey, Alex, and Sarah. He told me that this was interesting but not to go to the police unless I’m absolutely sure. He also gave me a $500 advance!
I’ve printed out the pictures of the women and I’m bringing them along with me tomorrow to see if I can recognize them.
Entry #5
I’m peering through the window to the service room and anxiously awaiting them to start. My heart is pounding really fast and I’m getting that creepy feeling again as if I’m being watched. One thing that is reassuring me right now is that my boss nick knows that I’m out here and l know I can count on him to come get me if anything “drastic” we’re to happen. They’re entering the room now; I can see Lindsey, Alex, Sarah, and Juliana right now, they are close to my view if only they could get a little closer than maybe I c
3-12-16? (I Guess?)
Entry #6
Holy shit, I have no idea where I am, well I assume I’m inside the house, but I woke up in a completely dark room, I don’t know how long I’ve been out or what happened to bring me to here. One moment I’m outside the house trying to peek in on their service, the next I’m lying here in panties and a bra freezing on what I assume is a wooden floor. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Why won’t they answer me! I keep banging on the goddam door and I can’t get a response from anyone!
Entry #7
I have definitely been in here more than 24 hours. I’m cold, I’m lonely, I’m terrified.. And well, I’ve had to use the bathroom on the floor several times which has resulted in making my “cell” smell like the inside of a gas station restroom. I’m so hungry.. I could just imagine what it would be like to eat a large piece of meat or rice or anything really. I’m really starting to get scared that I might die down here.
Entry #8
Everything down here has been eerily quiet until those motherfuckers opened the door about an hour ago I’m still fuming! I kept screaming let me out but the girls kept laughing and shut the door.
Entry #9
I have no idea what day it’s or what the hell is going on I’m weak and exhausted from hunger and thirst. They opened up the door again but I didn’t yell, I didn’t panic, I simply begged for food pleaded. The person who stood in the doorway light across my cell did not respond but just stared at me blankly and then shut the door after a minute.
A little while later he came back and threw chicken bones onto the floor. Not a piece of meat on them trust me, I checked. The only thing that has kept me sane so far is this journal. I don’t know why they let me keep it but I’m grateful.
Entry #10
I can’t stand the smell of this room anymore. I was knocked out by a stranger who entered the room and when I awoke I was lying in a puddle of my own piss but to my surprise in front of me was a gallon of water and a single sandwich on a plate. I downed the sandwich immediately no time to savor it. I drank about half of the water in case I had to ration it for later.
Entry #11
Somebody. Fucking. Kill. Me.
Entry #12
I can’t believe it but they let me out today. A man came walking into my cell there is only one man in the cult and his name is Robert. Roberts’s voice boomed at me to get up and face the back of the wall. He informed me that because my eyes have been desensitized to light for so long I would go blind if he immediately opened the door. I nodded obediently and faced the wall. After slowly becoming adjusted to the light I turned around and followed Robert up the stairs and into the house which was bathed in beautiful moonlight. He led me to a table and instructed me to sit down. I did as I was told. Next he told me to ask any question I want.
So naturally I started with the question: “Where am I?”
He responded by smirking and letting out a little chuckle. “Don’t act like you don’t know.” He said.
And indeed he was right I did know but I was too afraid to admit it to myself until now.
Robert got up and walked to the sink and got me a tall glass of tap water, I drank it down happily. His smile was warm and inviting. “How about a real question this time?” He said calm as chamomile.
I kept trying to stop shaking but I was in shock from the light and was still frozen solid from being in what I now realize was the basement. Robert grimaced, got up, walked to the couch, grabbed a large blanket and draped it over my body. I looked him over skeptically and cloaked myself with it.
“Go on.” He said
I took a deep breath and said the first question that came to mind.
“How did I get here?”
“You were writing in your journal when one of the armed guards who patrol this place caught you and knocked you unconscious.”
Sure was an honest answer. Caught me off guard.
I gave him a quizzical look.
“I have no reason to lie to you he said.”
“Can I take a shower?
I know what you’re thinking of all of the questions I could’ve asked regarding my mysterious circumstances that this was at the top of my list. But, to this I can likely presume that you have never spent an unknown period of time in a pitch black room rolling around in your own feces, and at this particular moment shaking in my undergarments I wanted nothing more than to feel clean.
“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” Robert had said sounding genuinely sorry about it.
“Let me do that for you right now miss-” he held his hand out waiting for me to give him my name.
“April.” I told him.
“Well April, let me get that going for you. When you’re done I will be waiting down here in case you have anymore questions for me.”
I nodded as he led me to the shower and saw his way out back down to the kitchen whistling the theme song to some nostalgic show from my childhood that I couldn’t exactly place.
Never. Have I ever. Felt so clean in the entirety of my 24 years on this planet.
While I took the shower and my skin and my mind began to clear, I started to formulate the questions that I would ask Robert.
I wrapped myself in a towel and the Robert had a dress and undergarments that he had laid out on the floor for me. I quickly dressed and made my way downstairs where Robert had prepared a meal of hot soup, a simple turkey sandwich, a cup of green tea, and a jug of water. I almost wanted to cry.
I sat down and was about to dig in when the insidious thought that crossed my mind was what if this food was poisoned? I quickly lowered the spoon and stared at him. He gave me an amused look “not hungry?”
I shook my head “it’s not that it’s just-”
“Aw.” he said, “I see.”
“You’re a smart girl you know that?”
I didn’t answer. He reached for my soup, water, tea, and sandwich and sampled a little bit of each to show me that it was not in any way harmful to me.
I sighed with relief and dug into the meal like a starved animal; Jesus at the last supper.
He sat patiently while I finished.
I had nodded my head in agreement, not quite wanting to give my captor a compliment.
“Alrighty than, this is your only chance, April ask as many questions as you want and I will answer them truthfully to the best of my ability.”
I settled on an easy one to start.
“What’s your name?”
“Ah so your the leader of this shit show.”
He grimaced. “Sort of, do try to watch your language miss April.”
It was here, thirst and hunger satiated, clean bodied, and clear minded that I started to get angry.
Robert quickly glanced backwards and forwards.
“April, I promise you there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this but if you keep yelling you’re going to upset GOD and the other inhabitants of this house, I’m begging you to keep calm or this won’t end well for either of us.”
I sucked in air between my gritted teeth, I felt like I could throw the goddam table across the room, but alas I relented and took a couple deep breaths to calm myself.
“How long was I in the basement for?”
“I can’t tell you exactly how long because it’s not permitted but I can tell you that it was longer than a month.”
I gasped. He nodded his head sympathetically.
“Why would you do that? Why was that necessary?”
“Because I was told to, and I can’t disobey a direct order.”
“Who do you take orders from?”
“I’m not permitted to tell you that.”
I buried my head in my hands and slowly dragged them across my face.
He looked at me sympathetically, “find different ways to ask the knowledge you seek.”
I looked at him quizzically and thought for a while. Finally I asked “Why are you taking orders from someone?”
He nodded.
“now we are getting somewhere. Do you want the simple answer or the longer explanation?”
“Dealers choice.” I grumbled.
“To sum it up if I do not follow my orders to the letter all of us will die.”
I let out a dry chuckle.
“Oh give me a fucking break.” I whispered.
“Or what?” I continued sarcastically
“GOD will come down and smite us?”
He remained calm and waited for me to settle down.
“In a sense yes.” Robert said sadly
“Our “GOD” is a physical being though, not a deity of worship or praise. He is controlling, calculated, and eerily calm.”
I looked at him puzzled when a new question forced its way into my mind.
“Do you like your GOD?”
His expression turned icy,
“Then why don’t you leave?”
“I wish I could.”
“What’s stopping you?” I whispered angrily
“If I or any of us leave this house they will kill every single one of us.”
I looked at him perplexed,
“How would he know?”
“There are cameras everywhere on this property; GOD is listening to our conversation right now.”
I looked around and suddenly realized that he was right I looked to the far right corner of the ceiling and there was a mounted camera with a red blinking light.
“How long do we have to stay?”
“I’m not permitted to answer-”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. How long have you been here?”
He chewed on the side of his lip
“15 years.”
I looked at him face aghast.
“How did you get involved with this?” I asked starting to panic even more.
“I bought the property.” He said sadly.
“It was put on the market for a ridiculously cheap price.”
About a week after I had settled in men with guns and their leader or er, GOD sat me down and explained to me that from here on out I could not talk to any family friends or anyone unless GOD permitted me to, I was stripped of my cell phone, computer and house phone. He lets me call my parents under supervision every week or so just so I can tell them that everything is ok so that they wouldn’t raise suspicion. They brought me groceries, clothes, and other necessities that were absolutely necessary to survive. I questioned GOD on why he was doing this and he said, “I’m very rich, I can have anything that I want, the only thing that I do not have is what I want the most, complete and utter control over other people’s lives.”
GOD from there insisted that I only call GOD, GOD, and that for whatever I needed I would have to beg. Me being a man of pride, I laughed and said fuck it I’d rather you shoot me. I started to walk towards the door expecting a bullet in my back at any second when GOD yelled “Stop!” Followed by muffled screaming and a heavy object hitting the ground, I turned around and saw that it was a girl no older than 22. GOD turned to me and said “I figured you might say that. So here’s the deal, if you walk out of this house both you and her die, his soldiers at that point cocked their guns and aimed them at her. He smiled a sinister inhuman smile “are you sure you are willing to let her die?”
My solemn reply was no. I slumped back against the wall and stared blankly into space. GOD gave me instructions on what to do with the girl. I was to knock her out drag her down to the basement and leave her there until GOD said to take her out, every once in a while I was permitted to bring her food and water. After a certain period of time GOD said I was to let her out and bring her into the kitchen and let her ask any question that she wanted to. At first she was angry just like you but after she asked the right question I was able to justify my innocence and explain to her as I am explaining to you, your unfortunate predicament.”
A tear trailed down his eye he wiped it away and continued.
“Her name was Lindsey. She was hired by GOD to do repairs on the house, you can probably put the rest together yourself.” He said solemnly.
By now I was crying too. I wiped a tear away and apologized for my aggressive behavior.
A long silence ensued.
“So all of the women here have gone through this process?”
I asked softly.
“And that’s it you resign yourself to this?”
“What else can I do?” He replied sheepishly.
I didn’t have an answer for him I just nodded.
“Has anyone tried to escape?”
“Yes. But it’s impossible and selfish. There is one way to escape but it’s utterly unbearable. A girl named Alyssa was the first one to ever attempt an escape; this was about ten years ago. She had told me that she had made up her mind and that there was nothing that I could do to change it. She flung the door open and began running only to run into GOD and collapse on the floor shaking. GOD than called me outside, I obeyed. “I’m going to give you a chance to escape ok Alyssa?” She had nodded obediently, GOD had turned to me and said “Robert, I want you to get every girl in the house and tell them to line up at the windows.” I had asked GOD why and he screamed at me to just do it shoving a gun hard into Alyssa’s temple hand clasped over her mouth to muffle her screaming. I ran into the house and told everyone what GOD had said and the predicament that Alyssa was in and all of the girls ran upstairs to the Windows. I ran back outside, next GOD told one of his soldiers to go up to the first window without hesitation he ran into the house and stood behind a pair of girls at the first window.
GOD had turned to Alyssa and said “Now we’re going to play a game ok Alyssa?”
She nodded her head I remember the tears still streaming out of her eyes.”
Robert shuddered.
“GOD said “you’re going to start walking backwards eyes wide open and as you walk towards freedom every 20 seconds my soldier will slice one of the girls necks in the window if you stop I will command one of guards to kill you and trust me, you will not get away.”
“I don’t want to play anymore.” Alyssa had said regretting her decision as I told her she would.
“IT IS THEM OR YOU!” GOD yelled at her in response.
She kept shaking her head and muttering “no, no, no, I’m so sorry it won’t happen again GOD.”
But GOD ignored her, gods eyes bulged out and he yelled a countdown from 3 to 1 and Alyssa started walking backwards. She made it 1 minute and 20 seconds. 4 girls died. As for Alyssa, GOD decided that he would have one of his soldiers gouge hey eyes out instead of killing her. After the fourth girl she fell to her knees hysterically crying and a soldier wandered out from the nearby woods covered her mouth and sedated her. It was by far the most excruciating thing I have ever had the horror of witnessing. I recount these stories each time in an attempt to persuade new women to please not even attempt it.”
I nodded my head absolutely speechless; dumbfounded.
Robert shook his head.
“There is more that you will have to learn later, and from the bottom of my heart I’m truly sorry but I’m not permitted to let you know yet.”
I nodded in a trance.
“All you need to understand is that we have a routine here that we must follow to the letter, or there will be consequences. I trust that you know these routines since you had been watching us.”
I nodded.
“Good.” He said solemnly
“Now if you follow me I will escort you to your new living quarters, you will be living with 1 other woman and you’re not to speak to her, unless instructed otherwise.”
I nodded.
I followed him up to the fourth story of the house and he showed me my room and introduced me to Scarlet, my roommate. We both nodded at each other in recognition. I climbed into the bottom bunk and Robert closed the door which leads us up to now. Of all the stuff that Robert told me the most troubling to me so far is that there is still something that he cannot yet tell me. What is it?
Founders Note: This is all I have had time to write today, please let me know what you think so far. I will answer any questions that you guys might have in the comments below.
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