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B AND H selling used camera as NEW ? A7R2:

Well I’m not joking. It’s all B&H around here all the time. B&H this and B&H that.
I like Adorama. I really like what they’ve done with all the changes. And I have no affiliation with them whatsoever except as a customer.
Sometimes I don’t want to have to walk the megastore that is B&H and deal with the crowds.. And really unless you’re passing through Penn Station why would anyone ever want to go to B&H territory, Manhattan’s last wasteland. And when I go to Adorama people sometimes remember me. It’s like Cheers.
I was joking about any lawyer wanting that case, in particular, Milberg but you won’t get the joke. But I have to believe many other lawyers also read this site and once in a while my jokes land.

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