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Lord Khuzdul said: ↑ I know the area (secondhand). Kilyos has a permanent coast guard station because the area is crowded, prone to thick fog, and messy as hell. Small coastals, large freighters, fishing boats… it is right at the exit of the Bosphorus, on the western coastal route to the Bulgarian and Romanian ports, and also has a lot of local traffic, with very shitty weather almost year round (even in the best of days, thick fog in the morning hours can be expected, and the fog tends to reach the consistency of soup). Add to that most merchant skippers don’t have a single fuck to give at best of times (especially the small timers that work the Mediterranean routes, like this one – Togo flagged, yeah right. Probably North African or Lebanese -) and you have your recipe for disaster. A bigger freighter plowing over a smaller one is almost a weekly occurrence on that stretch of coast, this is only news because this time a military ship is involved.
Being a Coast Guard commander around the Bosphorus is pretty much the fastest way to get an ulcer and white hairs. Click to expand… Oh no, I’m not saying it’s impossible that it was the Freighter’s fault.
I’m saying that even if the Freighter is what did the ramming, it doesn’t make the russian’s inability to Navy any less evident. *They* have military Radar, and presumably someone paying the fuck attention.