BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-06-17-8A: A new survey from Buzz Feed asked people what they would do for 5 million dollars. | KISW

rooz BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-06-17-8A: A new survey from Buzz Feed asked people what they would do for 5 million dollars. | KISW image

David Letterman is going to give Pearl Jams inductee speech. Burger King is rolling out a new fruit loops milk shake. Transcription This is BJ faceless into our show’s podcast if you’re a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot. Tom do driver’s license is important so you get back and forth to work get your kids to school and back and forth to daycare who delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets he can’t do any of those things let’s talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy you may have heard the tickets and I’d be discharged that they can be dealt with the new chapter thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose the make all the difference you’re getting back the going on the road and that’s designed a plan that they wanted to restore your license immediately. I’m attorney terms anyway please contact me today I’d choose the right chapter dot com. Choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI ST yeah rock of Seattle and drastic gets there on sale yet you guys yet. Saturday June 24 wife Maria but here we’ve got corn stone sour skating medal the pretty reckless Fawzi. And just lots more bands who breaks no stages. It is an event our boys about ten miles wide going to be kicking things off great local fan I’m so excited to see those guys. Spot on the big stage at the white rampant theater well deserved a big bust their ass and I think you’re gonna win over a lot of new fans to get there early dad. And we have a limited never tickets available for the PJ Shea I should say the B twelve BJ Shea and the Steve makes pay the grass party. Yeah eliminate every it’s sold out last year so if you wanna get this chief to hang with us. You get one free beer like your first fears included the you hang out with us and we have a limited edition Vijay makes pain and pressure. And I’ll tell you once people saw the insurance they were like where can I get these what the hell and we’re like well if you’re party you’re a gallon. Lot of people after so our like I’m Melanie good out party but it sold out so. Get yeah yeah there’s only a small number tickets are you wanna ganymede come hang out with almost a great time you never know who’s gonna pop band that I rest of the cast and staff and hang out as well one might have Yahoo! though you remember luminaries and Aristide knows a lot of famous people just never know. Is there a small number of tickets available does making it yeah small. Got it. If you will be there yeah we know big you’ll be there because people can trip and all this. Anywhere you want to dissipate the grass what from the BJ midsouth and the dress party one CL that music. You know what you gotta do go to KI SW dot com get the info get your tickets. You got a new survey from buzz feed. And they asked people okay what messed up thing would you do. For phi is million. Dollars. Before even give out the list my instinct is set telling me that I will do all these things. Yeah you could probably would do for 5 dollars but I’m not positive so I am curious to hear what these things are until greedy for money and I don’t really have any self. Workers who and I’m not it takes ought to embarrass me on the earth and you know I mean some I’m game for doing whatever. Yes these things are so much about embarrassing yourself out there is some are. Com somebody yelled god when my life you know 100 would this be good life with all that money if I couldn’t do this. Or if I had to only listen to country music for the rest of my life. A hole. Actually I have to listen we would. I don’t hop along megs on it and it’s close though it’s like it’s it’s like yeah it’s like the presidential election. 54% yea 46% no I mean if this doesn’t say what type of country like I’m okay were listening to license Johnny Cash on the side stadiums I don’t know if I want to listen to like you know. I. Kenny Chesney. You never know who colorful cross over either you know you might get a Kid Rock for all it’s — — or moody or or Steven Tyler or Aaron out Aaron it was from a stain jagged country I look I I started my radio career playing country music so that would be easy merely Ellison that put my body or my closest friend Brent workers got a great country — useless and his stuff farm repeat Brent Bernama current authority yeah this and also some of the classic country is going to yeah I mean you know the bluegrass style over key Skaggs and those guys so. Allah god bock Chris Stapleton and enough and with a guy out of Zach brown does that round that’s awesome about that I says I got picked the country music so you take it five mil. All right yeah I’ll Wear Wear cowboy boots and cowboy hat for the rest of my life. Here’s one that’s really Ari Metallica okay this this one I wanna ask everybody in the studio because this one really this is a deal with the devil. You’d get five million dollars knowing. That’s somewhere in the world one random person would die in exchange for you getting that money you’d never know what is it. Would you do it. If you know that okay someone’s gonna die you know who’s gonna die. But someone has to dive he’d get the money I mean Iran’s gonna die at some points and of course I would know I Arafat to go to bed aside knowing that I Dickey. Hi what’s your many likes the scifi movies and stuff so even though I’ll never know who it is I feel like the butterfly will happy it like a butterfly effect will have a winning you’ll come back and hot passion which is gonna come haunt you as what you’re saying so it’s not because you feel bad that someone is dying is because you’re afraid it’s going to affect you when a negative way and a film actually reassuring message read I’m sings gonna say yes to this at five bucks. Not five dollars I mean at least the got a BLD you know gonna cheer at Chrysler and Woodson wanted to give you saw someone else to die randomly he would know bottom crude five million works pretty well you know I have to be at least in the million range it can be above that I’m happy you’re a seven figure murderer I like that not emerges this somebody’s going to do why Americans who could say well how about you. Any Assam is gonna Daniel and the threat I am Arafat and Vijay when I you know I couldn’t do it yes I can go to bed and knowing that somebody’s family is been devastated. Because of my greed you jackass is ya I could I just got into Amanda’s Jessie does somebody’s father or mother or daughter or son I just couldn’t I just couldn’t do it. What if it said. Somebody in this world gonna die but that person is very bad all like to I’m Mike Dexter tonight we just we are sure take out the bad people again and now takes five million for that I just make you Tehran yeah. I actually have a philosophical belief that bad people really take him out so if you believe in karma they’re gonna go and they’ll have a quicker time to get their act together comically anyway so. I did but I did just a Rendell let down now our only two questions and I’m already out 5050 on that by the way half the people in this survey would let somebody randomly die. Honestly. It’s dancer honesty answer. Look in the mirror Danny Danny Tiki raft I mean really guys now because he rev. Finally get some cash doesn’t have to die for no my enemy you ram yeah I know and a horrible people we’re all gonna die anyway fetuses and young one at that person’s own pictures always grab you and it was there is getting more than their time you made it their time rest jackass will that they made their attack. What does your wife what does somebody makes that deal across the world and it turns out your wife in a row I don’t won’t know that it was her being in the right I don’t know why I plausibility that somebody else did it is theirs she just drops dead and I see you know you read in the paper some he’s right around in luxury ahead in recent American extreme upside after justified now I’m done about that. I love you about this you quit the Internet for the next fifteen years to quit the Internet guys he says yes anyway Danny yes Vicki know. I did and I lost everywhere anyway GPS. The very five million you can hire someone I could take you around she’s lying she beat a million doesn’t go as far as he used to I played I think that neither thinks I know it really well done and if I wanna how. Far it’s in. Sparks it’s to kind of read stuff okay. Vicki let’s be honest to get the GPS you would be lost without the units as for your entertainment. And yet know Netflix. None of them no fortune and none nine gag order the hell you to an Amazon ordering yet I think she’s my life attitude and restore and use on the five million dollar yeah I think it’s 45 sauce I really 45% of his said they would actually do at the and it by the way it’s only for fifteen years it. Yeah yeah F five million dollars and then fifty years later you to be back on the Internet but not look Tinder. Whom you have five million dollar viewed by whoever you want you know days of killing a grand overs and local that I can by human beings yeah I got. Yeah. Tiger forces are doing and and that’s actually you know let’s hope it doesn’t matter now. About this would you have all your teeth removed for five million don’t know I truly. Oil oh yeah are my Gupta just funny dentures and he looks so funky looks and cartoon character I don’t know now. Because finally a Simpson’s character are removed by parity do. Yeah now I really look like. They have big guys you can get other teeth a guy fight again post put and instead. Like the dentures is a pain in the ass for the they will applaud these out. And and I get the oppose putting and so at least I have a tooth and every hole if only you had money to do that await UF five billion dollars yeah course I would do that see that’s the thing I don’t know it it doesn’t say whether you get to put something in his place he’s had to be gummy McGee you know domain a cumbersome for the entire and say you couldn’t just open. About 42% said they would do that. Star and a hard core porn video that we the first thing that pops up whenever someone Google’s your name gas of course of course with the Q you can’t even in you either affirmed. 8 . See the problem is is that I wish it would not be a positive video from the people would go only because they have a small penis video guys. That’s what that’s what I think they don’t sell yourself short hey I get. Most people aren’t paying attention to the dude anyway no dude in the small penis videos that’s all they’re talking about the women are humiliating them what they knew don’t do that kind of I like those videos probably because yeah I don’t even have my own people might or no these videos and audio they exist due to an insult and you know two of the girls the other women are just so all I get a one dollar an hour I suppose you’ll throw your mercy blank. Now they’re all the whole time they’re just humiliating the guy because basically he’s too which Tommy and that’s all they do onto its Tommy that’s you know one of the nicknames. And it’s pretty bad I mean the guy he’s like a like a six foot guy and downstairs. And that if that’s showed up every time for me so. Do I get the picked the star that I get to be in the video with I would imagine that there were lots of good question I don’t know Gallup acute that the Ron Jeremy. No one is on his or someone treats them okay with that but what if there’s not Brazilian Amazon had Todd what I else. So what’s sad about our world I’ll. OK so. We asked if you would kill somebody let somebody be randomly killed a catalyst said yes. Actually. Only a third of us would let hardcourt so we’d rather see somebody dies the gospel pop up on the Internet is that I have so much money do I care if I show the Leonid IL I was so what weird and how our minds are with sex and by I would do porn in the second he gets a five million sex is is is is more in the eyes and seemed so many evil. Then violence yes crazy murder are you is somebody’s life as opposed to all here on this team go on slapping you know doing what we all do for pleasure it’s Verizon now go and Google coming to a cooling me anyway to go I moment earlier and now. Using which shows up. Don’t tell me America can’t be given to say that actually is a bad thing and I’m just like that country and president to tell I did I realize it’s it’s just an SEC violation was in my head everything thinking about what I can’t say. Would be better off there parents are playoff fair. It’s really classic stuff when Texas a hardcore porn hell yes especially if it makes Danny curl up and cry in the corner you have again. Okay would you do five years and a maximum security prison. All for five dollars. Max saw securities and food now. Poll are you protected if I’m protected from the violation night and even damage. You go Paula do decides after five years I’m gonna get five million when you get out I’ll give you. I’ll give you a 5 . Or even a million that it just make sure that when I go to bed I don’t have to worry about waking up next to anybody. Yeah it’s at or at least that you know protect me being gentle. That’s all I would say be gently get some cash out told you buying off my fellow prisoners had it. Yeah I think jacket united that’s what I’m afraid of imprisoned. Look if if if I could prisoners some as they’re making their bitch I just want them to be gentle I don’t wanna have injuries and he wanted he wanted to stars of the two inch Tommy movies exactly I would guess. Definitely to a stop me c’mon over body will be details. He out 30% said they would do that most of us say no. Okay here finally when they talk about sex they’re it’s all encompassing with this OK you give up sex and all way shape or form just means even by yourself. Would you do that for thirty years to get five million dollars. I’m married you have chorus hey kid I don’t know what to do that they take. Absolutely not that might be the one that. Might be a deal breaker I was ten years yes finally at the age announced was it the age where I don’t care about that anymore it hasn’t happened yet okay so yeah so it still would be a problem for me. And also that means for thirty years you’re never going to be at that age again. You know Munich the next thirty years yeah you’re done yeah yes a for me I think though how much time you have left before the stuff stops working anyway I had no idea I don’t either but I feel like you know I’ll come close to that I mean I’m an older guy M and they get testosterone shots and if I get five million. Why don’t wanna get shots in my you don’t have to say I nevermind forget about it. Did thirty years more accessible and I think I’m not the pac ten about dead but for the next thirty years in my life are reliant Levin F five mil. The F fired Millen and part of my life being fun is being an ass tax and lasts it I can’t do it any more than what that does is move on yeah I got back yeah. But I don’t know that’s a dead to only 26% of us have we do that so most of us still like to do he’ll slam on. All right here Bob this eat a live cockroach every day for the rest of your life for five million dollars sure. Now I couldn’t do it. Can put like a condom and on and I saw an ad on the debate I’ve gone on I’m gonna cut off condiments and Alan Dixon a big Macs awesome put and eating taste it would add on but it’s still alive dear it’s crawl around there will be quick law and after like all week I feel like you’ll be a condition to handle it I first. The first week is going to suck your betterment of me I couldn’t do it as a writer may continue if I’m gonna get fired no doubt about it I wish I could I just don’t think I could then. Only 25% said they would do the cockroach. About this little as the cock removed limits solitude for the next twenty years. Does that mean you know you don’t see anybody. Think so you don’t get to go in Iraq I guess if I lived in solitude like I had nobody living with me which is kind of what I got now anyway since the wife you know abandoned ship do we have all the fun amenities that we have now at home might video game yes whatever you want but you just add. No you don’t talk to anybody lightly like an Antarctic sort of PlayStation or something I was single I would do that. For twenty years. Seats so laid my life I think I wanna go hang with some people once in awhile you know what honestly I’m taken that back I don’t wanna do that this for. You want the five though to have fun with do things with your friends and you know live a good life. A quarter of a say we would amount amount most of us wouldn’t. Only eat plain oatmeal for every meal for the rest of your life who know I need money food yet yeah I know some people you know eat to live I live to eat. There’s no way in hell I give up on eating sushi pizza and chicken wings. And sour patch kids. Ya it’s only one time. It’s a one time deal I can do the cockroach you do all that one time five million dollars I call it the poor and that’s what they call it still took like a large group blog apparently. That on a celery stick and hopefully I can get this and I get that special sauce are needed for that us via. It’s disgusting but it’s only one time. You know grad of people we know that that they know me for that put aside five million Aldrich are. And just yeah get a realistic penis tattooed on your face. Boo. Who I. Yes I can’t see it until I look in the mirror. I would go to places where I know people will be uncomfortable with it and a stuffy restaurants really nice hotel dinner did you not Kagan taking off generally. At that point you can get it Lazard off after awhile I mean I got it done. I’ve known Larry for a great story at the bars does get free drinks and five million dollars I would you can kind of cheat the system a little bit and get like one of the UV tattoo is seek only see when you’re under black line in. And been beneficial to a strip club in America. The Pentagon appears on Stacy wants a lockdown that’s resolve all ladies you amazingly he didn’t most popular guy there never going to be making your reign with a. I’m 1 dollars I have am loyal. To him all right so I’m. Haven’t heard much from David Letterman lately but he’s about to do something really cool. That involves one of the biggest bands that come out of Seattle. I’ll tell you all about this city seventy. On the Iraq. Bigs mornings. On the rock I mean I’m 49 KI guess tell you. That’s what I say hi SW is the rock on Seattle. I don’t this is good or bad news for Pearl Jam I think dead. This obviously they’re going to be disappointed because Neil Young. Is just and he’s he’s he’s just a legend he’s an icon and pros and getting inducted into the hall of fame it was supposed to be Neil Young conducting them. You know making the announcement doing the whole thing. But he’s too sick to attend. So that’s a bomber that’s it that is a bomber yet it’s a bummer. Those guys have great history together from Harold camping is backing band for recordings and then doing a lot of live shows the bridge school benefits there’s there’s a great connection programming Helio so of course that’s a disappointment what do you do the guy’s not you know it doesn’t feel well it doesn’t feel well. I don’t know hole and you might know about the history with them and David Letterman but David Letterman is going to be the replacement he’s going to adopt them couldn’t be happier I think that’s a great pick. Letterman wears his love for Pearl Jam on his sleeve. Big time Eddie veteran one of the last gas that was on David Letterman show that’s rice Gaza yards the last episode he did better man. And over the course of the third time. Dave has always shown a lot of love I think TV even though might take over where for a full week leading up one of their records coming out. They played every night on the Letterman show this makes all the sense in the world and who better to have deliver a speech about your history your legacy and your band and David Letterman was a great speaker and can bring a lot of humor to it as well. I can’t wait to hear that Al pumped about the and I forgot Steve your right when you sort of bring Ellis the club was like oh yeah I forgot about how much of a big hyper fan that Letterman is yes huge fan and it just makes you feel holes. Yeah it really does that your rights because they do go back a long way back in 96 when they first Ron to show. And like you said Eddy was one of the final guests. And brought jazz could be inducted alongside ELO. Electric Light Orchestra Joan Joan Baez journey. Nile Rodgers Tupac. And yes. All at a ceremony in Brooklyn and yes being the man yes I’ll have helped. Any truth into limousines to puck I believe I have the fifth. Now so we have fun wanna watch mainly because of Pearl Jam out I like somebody other inductees from probably not gonna pay much attention to their speech and the induction ceremony. A watch their performances whenever gets on HBO which were partly like ten years attorney Anita journey of course mega media system I’m a mega hit band nom. And of course to you talk just to park. Be funny if fox concern he had. I mean whose conduct is a Khamese. It is Steve Perry going to be inducted him I would imagine so yeah I mean they add that they do that’s his replacement does he get it does get a nod I don’t think so do you have him conduct Tibetan. That would be cool outlet here you gotta do it. Yeah nice not to me if if if he does he get to be inducted had a guy who’s in the band now and singing for the band inducted group but it might be I don’t know if there’s any ill will. Between the amount attorney historians even though. You pick I would beat. Well you know look let’s be honest and I feel like. That you know the kind of voice is Steve Perry has the old you get the tougher is it those high notes Robert Plant a set of four matter fact we’re talking ELO Jeff Lynne had to have a guy behind the curtain sing for a long time because he just couldn’t hit those high notes anymore. You know I am I just feel like. I don’t think there should be any bad blood and he just so you know you get older you can’t do the songs he used to do when you were younger in Arab that’s the reason why he’s not playing in the band. I feel like whether or not he wants to admit it. I you’re right I have no idea I believe that’s why I just don’t they Steve Perry can sing those songs anymore. I read to you heard him try I haven’t heard him try is creating this whole idea and I just I’m pretty assumption because of the fact. Hi voice singers I think that he probably this is my belief I think he hasn’t been able to and a longtime but he had to do behind him. And may be with the way we are now in how it’s the Internet has been pretty much element of the that’s Paramount tonight when you know I really I really do believe I think nowadays with you know that lip syncing. And the idea that you have video is like I think he gets out that you know what you can’t do it anymore. And Robert Plant really is the guys that look guys I’m not don’t know Led Zeppelin thing because I just can’t do those songs anymore I just can’t reach those notes anymore but so. Guys have been able to somehow whether it be just luckily because genetics or he’s taking care of their voice a look at a guy and granted they’re not may be on the same level as far as mainstream love but they’re still an incredible band anthrax yuck Joey bella Donna. That guy’s voice and he sings hot. I would’ve assumed over the course of time we saw the tape in a grass last year okay house is gonna go is he going to be struggling. And man that guy’s voice sounds just as young as it did when they first started in the mid Philly. East and how old is he so it anonymous old when he first went yeah Arizona’s anti not Adam is he’s old is Bryan Johnson. All because not only not Jesse do you see Brian Johnson also a guy you like how did that guy maintain the way he sat right but now you know that as it did finally take its toll on him from AC DC Joseph is 56 EI and I think Brian’s probably 1007 yeah yeah yeah and you’re right Steve some guys can really make it happen. But I think it isn’t plant close to seventy now. Robert Plant. And I don’t know about Steve Perry’s latest is Steve Perry’s got a B like in his late fifties early sixties. And in a may be and I I think Jeff Flint also was in his fifties when all of a sudden he just couldn’t hit those high notes anymore. Yeah Steve Perry is 68 years old yet seen I don’t Steve can do it anymore hot. Okay. A Q and here’s what that we just got this info Steve Perry will be there. But he will not perform interesting and I tell you this. I think it’s just because he can’t that this I guess I did all I just because of anecdotal evidence from other singer and I think it’s is as he can’t. Race has hip replaced a healthier vocal guys and self. And I don’t realize it’s it’s a tough one man and that’s why acts all. You know give him a lot of credit because you know I mean axles and his fifties now till and somehow some I mean look we’ve had moments words sound like he couldn’t really get it done. And then you all those Saudi I heard the last concert tour that he was able to make it happen. Yeah everyone who saw the Guns ‘N Roses Torre walked away raving about natural voice and I think got a lot to do with. I wonder if it’s also maybe just enthusiasm that he’s back with a guy who’s being tech kind of makes you push a little bit harder maybe got a little bit lazy over the course of a better shape yeah absolutely you know and it’s looking at your right Steve I have no proof of this. It’s just anecdotal evidence I’ve had over the years with different guys. Who were high singers. Com and eventually they just couldn’t do it anymore. How would be funny though he was like onstage if that’s the case. He sang the parts he could still handle and then he just had the Mike to the new guy yeah just hit this part I don’t know before we hardly Donna do like a virgin. Recently. That because of me you’re asking me I don’t know yet because it that’s song she was so high pitched in other star stuff I’ve heard from Madonna at her voice does not sound like that anymore I’m wondering if she just doesn’t even perform that song. And I also know you make economy but there was a particular song sung by collective soul. And win. But when when he goes on the road whenever Roland does that song he does and a whole different T he doesn’t do it is high as he used to so even he. I thinks is like there’s a certain notes I can’t hit anymore I’ve just seen with so many singers that sing high. I steep Erik prince’s story says that left back in the late nineties because a creative burnout and health issues because of his hip problems. He held this isn’t the problems I tell you just created like you’re you’ve made up a whole scenario. To say I’m not saying. In the music business isn’t betting that that’s a high single thing to lose that match. I don’t disagree but that doesn’t mean every singer. All right how you make your assumption you’re right I have no clue. But if I’m right you’ll be like yeah. Okay news. Does suck if you make you are you make a living I mean look at Michael Jackson when I was like a little kid you might well liked is never be influencing ABC again as soon. You know but he eventually still was able morph into a pretty cool sounding voice but a lot of times those child singers just you know like Mike beaver. I give Bieber credit because his is new stuff is still working for people even though it doesn’t sound like he did when he was 51 restarted sing and in Al. And you miss the old beaver I missed field Bieber but then again though I do love to be resolved or go lump myself I like that beaver. Other dude I could do do do everyplace you carrying journeys attitude is just really cool like just these hole. Reading articles and look in his stuff he’s like Jeff Steve Perry ever wanted to jump back in the band. I actually be OK with B yeah he loves journey. Well he knows he can’t because of the hip though so you know that’s why they jump the fugitive capital already got to come back and yet it’s. All. Hey Burger King just announced they’re rolling out a new be ready for this some people going to be excited. And a lot of people in this room. Burger King says they’re rolling out a new fruit loops milk shake later this month. I’ve got back. Drug giant could never raced to eat fruit loops and I mean that in forever Samir not the right guided their appealing to but at the end of the serial. That night that you drink the milk because it got back from new flame like that at all yet. Institutionalized. Him of course crushed a fruit loops and quote a sweet sauce because because we need more sweetness of fruit loops for who. If he’s a surgeon street’s office. Simeon still weak from this Monday. And will cost about 299. And also in the world of making sweet drinks Starbucks says that their new American cherry pie fraph chino. But it’s not going to be I here’s a bit it’s got a great gimmick and here’s the sad thing. Get it it’s not coming out selling America. Instead of the standard Starbucks plastic don’t live that you get down they’re gonna actually have a dorm live made out of pie crust of icann which is are not freaking believable sounds amazing and of course we’re not gonna get it because well aware. And I don’t I’m ready to go to to get this. You know Japan has all the cool stuff that’s I don’t understand why Japan it’s cool stuff. How well why wouldn’t introduce an over here you wouldn’t do I cherry pie fraph which you know what I quest is a lid I wouldn’t army believes you. Want to and I got. My kids where we’re all my apple spice Chevrolet why would we want this. Yeah I mean I would think maybe they’re trying to test out and other places before and introduce it to her old job. Then there are what do they cooler than us I’m tired of it. Knowing they haven’t even got a unaware machines they got apple pie AM as. You parity and the Japanese version of tyranny yes I don’t understand this man. Some hate Tyson about Madonna I guess is on record saying she hates like emerging conjure wondering how I would suggest I do just that is BS. I Ronald fresh attacks that go no go ahead what they say she hates like emergent and won’t perform live for less than thirty million dollars. Seem. I really believe ’cause that that if you listen her songs that is one of the highest I mean it doesn’t even so. I listen to and I think Simmons sped up the tape I can’t believe that that was what I would it was one of the big songs I started radio because it sounds nothing like current. I think it’s just her way of saying I can’t hit the high notes anymore she comes over that BS excuse we don’t think maybe it’s because she’s just like that was cheesy and I’ve grown and if I feel like no. Now almost treatment amounted I’ve I’ve matured as a artist. You see the way she still dresses no that’s your point yeah game Kamal if you know what if if she was like Gloria as Stephon we’re Gloria you know looks like she’s aging gracefully in. Whatever I’d be like OK sure may be doing the Congo is a little weird for you know that your sixty something years old and an. But like it held the dog it seems like she still wanna sing like a virgin because she wanted if they she still twenty and not. There’s this. Taxes have is this the thing that I’m not aware of you know we have like these are pineapple being impeached is this supposed to be on that when we are on drugs Steve’s a cereal milk drinker. That’s a whole different type of person right there. Are there people that anti drinking the milk from the cereal yet people were very wasteful. Once you drink the milk I would here’s the thing just because of the fact I knew it was stupid I wasn’t I had to come up my brain. Yeah he’s still got a text is let’s say my oh yeah I will not — cereal milk or did you text while we’re doing the show might have been if I could have been really so there’s actually is I am that guy yeah I’m totally in agreement with the text and then you’re asked him I didn’t know that no I hate because it’s warm it’s Warman sweeting is good or let it take you that you’re Sarah I see — my cereal bunnies take like hide our city this serial. You eat solid piece here real. This taking you so slowly compromises the integrity of the cereal hey wait too long. I agree with you Vicki I don’t want it soggy but I don’t what are you determined Crispin yeah I I only if you leave any good if you leave any beverage that’s been cool chilled out for awhile it’s for me. As soon as I got on the serial. Which would be a little soggy towards the end but I mean most my cereal was fine. The milk is too warm for me it’s still cool but not I like I scored like the ice cold milk on my serve once it starts getting a little warm. I’m Diane you know it’s still cool but I don’t they get the lesson ice is like ice cubes in their you’ll be fine counter them and watering down my stereo so I always do that now that grosjean that’s stupid. No it makes if you treat everyone drink it so slowly that it’s gonna go water you drink it real fun as I eat cereal after I like Dick crunchy you know Vicki went up like you are we one minute he my curable yes him I don’t want to the winning the thing I wanna enjoy cereal has the ultimate payoff I think it’s at the end of your cereal you have this flavored milk. No different them and I have like an otter popular ultimate payoff is a stranger in my delicious ice featuring no you don’t do that I sucked the Jews are no. Can suck the juice out of you know that had a Zakaria did a great track yeah I found is I’ve finally gotten its offensive. A fan. And you don’t suck the juice out of the bottoms offensively you throw it twice. I give it took a bird’s. So peaceful to drill hole birds love the Jews and I got I ask you what is the best cereal milk as I really like any chocolate cereal like the cocoa pebbles the milk at the end that’s apple jacks apple jacks. Absolutely can and who runs Presbyterians. It’s yeah. Yeah notre that he I don’t get people I think all of them was either good answer for this double softball the cereal and everything you know you mean like the cereal or the milk. That it makes the serial A gets too soggy to quit. Well that’s the same thing with cocoa pebbles it’s just how I disagree cocoa what do woods or something and cocoa pebbles that makes it state harder than our basic local costs are. Yes we’ll have tiger he had to say that’s why am not a copy Apple’s got a guy and I said listen Fred I appreciate that your daughter’s gonna serial and one of them do that real talk. Pebbles are trash. I. I think I’m ending this conversation I’d take from mixed. It’s real talk I friends I don’t does archive a kid says I can’t talk to a Jews soccer or a milk drinker guy I can’t talk to you a dime a complete. Yes mr. real talker reader got this one night. Let’s trio performs the song titled the tee box. It’s not just meant to do you could say yeah and yet as it stands at just steal yeah they’ll spot Hanson site. Hey if you want a shot at beating Steve somebody please to a 6421 rock rockets 7625. We’re playing deep mixed and 847. On the right. Today’s podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he’s here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy aft here’s another question molester. I’m getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help we’re back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Further wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their other regular ongoing bills. People sometimes things you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against him once a garnish your style has started and that’s not true. Very dangerous to immediately stop any punishment that you are going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on. Good versions of your bank account your wages. And in most cases you’ll destroy yourself liability. Through the bankruptcy process. And we can file a bankruptcy. Case. Before you usually the day you come in thanks. Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapters dot com that’s choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening. On Air Now