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Cat food high quality in SMDA?

I’m glad to hear your cat is doing much better! It is frustrating that getting accurate information about cat nutrition is so complicated. I’m a big fan of Dr. Lisa Pierson’s site at And sad to say, I think many well-intentioned vets are NOT smart about feline nutrition, having been as deluded by the pet food industry as cat owners: it’s about PROFIT, not about CAT HEALTH. It took us a LONG time to make the switch. I was concerned about finding a grinder that would effectively handle the small bones in raw food, making them small enough to be readily digested, as a needed source of calcium. So we started shopping for a grinder, and nearly gave up on the project: the only ones we could find in our town in Michoacån were cheap plastic ones for $100 USD (that looked like they would break in a week) or these industrial stainless steel ultra-deluxe models going for over $1000 USD. We really lucked out: in the midst of our discouragement, a friend introduced us to his friend, a butcher, who listened carefully to what we wanted, and assured us he could provide it: ground chicken and rabbit, including organs and small bones that must be kitty-digestion safe. So all the hard work is already done for us. And man, are we spoiled! With 24-notice, he will prepare 5 kilos of meat, and DELIVER it the next day. We split it into 2 batches (5 kilos is a LOT of meat!), add fish oil, egg, vitamins b & e, water, mix thoroughly, spoon into containers, and freeze. Thaw as needed. With our herd of 5, that will usually last us about 3 weeks. We used to keep a container or two in the fridge after preparation, but after a parasite scare, our vet advised us to freeze the fresh food overnight to eliminate that concern. All our bunch love it, and never seem to get bored with it. I laugh at Dr. Pierson’s recommendation that it be served at “mouse temperature,” but ours don’t seem to mind it cold from the fridge. One of the big things I really like about homemade raw food is the smell — or LACK of it. I hated dealing with commercial canned cat food — it reeks the moment you open the can, and in the fridge, and in the trash if you don’t wash the cans. No more! It is such a good feeling to see & know the cats like it and it is good for them… but not to have to smell that stink, from the cans OR from the litter box. The two older cats had gotten very heavy – 17 lbs? – but they slimmed down to about 12 lbs within 3 months, and have been at good weight for years. We get encouragement from our vet, which is appreciated, as I hear some vets have bought into the industry hype and discourage their patients’ owners from feeding raw food. It just makes sense — all our bunch are indoors only now (they have a sunny roof to play on), but what cat owner has NOT had the dubious joy of Fluffy bringing home a partially disemboweled mouse or frog, never an ear of corn or a carrot they’ve dug up? They may graze a bit in grass, but they are carnivores, and I cringe when I hear people adding onions or grains to their cat’s diet. Dogs have quite a bit of leeway in their diets; cats not so much. There is research available online, and a book, about the common elements in the lives of cats living to be 20+ years old, with nutrition being paramount. It is sad that cats are considered to be “senior” at 10 or 12; we’re watching ours sail through their teen years in excellent health, and without all the pain and expense of diet-related illness. Yeah, I do go on; I’m an enthusiast because of the results I’ve seen at home. We keep rescuing abandoned kittens, and it is great to see them thriving and to realize they will likely outlive us, and I hope their new owners will care for them with a raw food diet.

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