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What’s your favourite film

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Re: What’s your favourite film Quote: : Mine is currently ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Watched it five times with five different groups of people. Including in Spanish. What’s your favourite film? Whiplash, i love that film because of the musical instruments the students played, I love watching someone playing drums, the actor Miles Teller is brilliant in it and it was about the student eventually standing up to the bully tutor. It made me wish i had gone to a posh university just to study music. I watched that twice…

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Kalifornia kalifornia يذهب الثنائي الصحفي براين ومصورته كاري في رحلة الى مواقع شهدت سلسلة من الجرائم على يد سفاحين، ويشاركهما الرحلة جرايس و اديل لكنهما يكتشفا أسرار مخيفة. معلومات البرنامج مدة العرض: 120 سنة الانتاج: 1993 فريق العمل براد بيت MBC 2: 13 أبريل, 2017 19: 00 ( السعودية ) ~ 13 أبريل, 2017 18: 00 ( مصر ) ( براين كيسلر صحفي يبحث عن القتلة السفاحين المتورطين في سلسلة من الجرائم، تشاركه صديقته والمصورة الخاصة به كاري في رحلته عبر البلاد إلى المواقع التي حدثت فيها الجرائم. يقوم براين…

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Love Actually

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Love Actually LOVE ACTUALLY يتتبع الفيلم حياة ثنائيات من المحبين وكيف يتعامل كل منهم مع الآخر، الذين ينتمون الى طبقات وأعمار مختلفة، وذلك خلال موسم الإحتفالات برأس السنة في انجلترا. معلومات البرنامج مدة العرض: 120 سنة الانتاج: 2003 فريق العمل ليام نيسون هيو جرانت MBC Max: 13 أبريل, 2017 22: 00 ( السعودية ) ~ 13 أبريل, 2017 21: 00 ( مصر ) ( قصة ثمانية أشخاص وعلاقاتهم المتشابكة، في لندن وقبل عطلة عيد الميلاد ببضعة أسابيع تحدث بعض أحداث في حياة الثمانية فالبعض يقع في الحب، والبعض يحلم بالعثور…

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ممثل مسلم يقدم الحفل السنوي لمراسلي البيت الأبيض وترامب يقاطع

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ممثل مسلم يقدم الحفل السنوي لمراسلي البيت الأبيض وترامب يقاطع فيديو – وصفة سلطة باستا مع الخضار والبيستو إلغاء ممثل مسلم يقدم الحفل السنوي لمراسلي البيت الأبيض ( دبي – يقدم الممثل الكوميدي حسان ميناج الحفل السنوي لمراسلي البيت الأبيض، في التاسع والعشرين من الشهر الجاري، وسط مقاطعة من الرئيس الأمريكي دونالد ترامب وموظفي البيت الأبيض. وميناج من أصول هندية مسلمة، ويركز دائما على قضايا كالإسلاموفوبيا والحجاب والحقوق والحريات الخاصة بالمسلمين في الغرب. يذكر أن توتر علاقة ترامب مع الصحافة الأمريكية دفعه لاتخاذ قرار مقاطعة الحفل هذا العام. التالي…

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Monster-in-Law Monster in Law تعثر الفتاة تشارلوت على الزوج المثالي لها، ولكن الأزمة تتمثل في والدة حبيبها المتسلطة التي تفعل كل ما في وسعها من أجل إفشال العلاقة. معلومات البرنامج مدة العرض: 120 سنة الانتاج: 2005 فريق العمل مايكل فارتان MBC Max: 13 أبريل, 2017 18: 00 ( السعودية ) ~ 13 أبريل, 2017 17: 00 ( مصر ) ( تلعب النجمة جينيفر لوبيز دور المرأة الشابة تشارلوت، والتي تدخل الكثير من العلاقات بحثا عن شريك الحياة المثالي، حتى تتمكن أخيرا في الوصول إليه عندما تتعرف على كيفن وتدرك أنها…

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Josh Brolin será el villano de la secuela de “Deadpool”

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Josh Brolin será el villano de la secuela de “Deadpool” 21:00 El actor estadounidense Josh Brolin interpretará al villano en la secuela de “Deadpool”, informó la edición digital de la revista especializada The Hollywood Reporter. Brolin se ha hecho con el papel de Cable, un personaje por el que aspiraban, entre otros, actores como Michael Shannon y David Harbour, y que finalmente dará al artista la oportunidad de encarnar a otro malvado del universo Marvel, después de interpretar a Thanos en “The Avengers” y “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Según sostiene…

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“Pillow Talking (feat. Brain)” on Apple Music

Fast like Twista but hilarious like the Lonely Island crew, actor and writer David Burd became rapper Lil Dicky in 2013 when he dropped the megahit “Ex Boyfriend.” Busting out of the Philadelphia suburbs, Burd graduated from the Richmond Robins School of Business in 2010 at the top of his class. A move to San Francisco came next, then he began working on Lil Dicky, writing rhymes, cutting demos, and storyboarding videos for two years before he showed them to the public. He first saw rapping as a… Full Bio…

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Puree Stage

I had greek yogurt, the infamous ricotta bake, refried beans – all of which don’t require any additional pureeing. and I still had 2 shakes a day in order to meet my protein goals. for stuff I actually pureed, I used a mini food processor – black and decker makes a cheap one that was the perfect size – I think they run around $10-$15. In that I would throw either hard boiled eggs, a pouch of tuna/salmon or a small can of chicken along with some plain greek yogurt…

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Tamal Ray’s Easter weekend recipes: glazed doughnuts and crack pie | Life and style

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I t didn’t take long for my new year, new me health kick to fall by the wayside – this month’s recipes are as far removed from last column’s healthy noodle pots as you can get. But they are ideal for the long, sugar-filled Easter weekend. The inspiration came from a recent trip to New York. Cast your mind back to November 2016; you might recall the US being gripped by a minor political event. It’s fair to say the Donald Trump result came as a bit of a shock;…

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Volume 1: For a long time I used to go to bed early…

HAL 9000: (in that sinister, cold way of his) Today’s death-match dialogue is brought to you courtesy of Robo-PunditTM, the automated Sports Commentary Software available for your desktop PC, satellite receiver system, and all toasters with greater than 256K of memory Cheerful Announcer: *hack* Robo-Pundit: Putting The Anal back into Analysis Danny, The LOL Boy: (who is a ventriloquist’s dummy wearing a red and white spotted bow-tie and nothing else. He is sat on Tony Boydell’s knee. Tony is nude, apart from a matching spotted bow-tie) Heeeey, sports fans! A…

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1 year TTC, IUI and PCOS questions

If you don’t want to do Paleo, try the insulin resistance diet! You actually eat MORE, just pair carbs with a protein in a 2 Carbs: 1 Protein ratio whenever you eat carbs. So if you eat a 20g carb snack, pair it with a 10g protein snack (hard boiled egg, etc). You never eat carbs alone. The insulin resistance diet greatly helped me get healthier. In addition, I’ve been doing some reading and it looks like supplementing with inosotol (used to be called vitamin B8) can do tremendous things…

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In The Air- JAL First Class Chicago to Tokyo, Narita

Flight du jour: JAL 009 Chicago (ORD) to Tokyo (NRT) September 6, 2015 Departs: 12:35 PM Arrives: (Next Day) 3:35 PM Duration: 13 Hours 15 Minutes Jal First Class Seat I love JAL first class. After the mediocrity that is domestic first class on American Airlines, what a lovely feeling it is to get settled into my JAL first class suite. When boarding it is common for first class passengers to board through one door while the rest of the plane boards through the other. This time everyone boarded through…

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Paleo diet

[ edit ] Description In its original form, the paleo diet was a combination of two popular fad diets: the low-carb diet and the gluten-free diet. More recently, however, many paleo proponents are moving away from low-carb, [12] citing such modern hunter/gatherer societies as the Kitavans, who survive largely on tubers and are in impeccable health. [13] Paleo diet fans call the foods they avoid “neolithic” foods as they did not come into widespread human consumption until the agricultural revolution, despite ample evidence that humans have been cooking wild potatoes,…

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Thoughts on Death: Five-Year-Olds, J. Geils and Sean Spicer

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Tweet By John Chatz , today at 5:32 pm Death is out and about every day, hovering above and behind us, but for me it impacted a few things over the past 48 hours: My 5 year-old daughter, a reminder of how good the J. Geils Band was and my hate for Sean Spicer. Unquestionably, people die all the time, but sometimes the subject of the grim reaper comes up at the strangest times, under the oddest circumstance and with the least amount of warning. Let’s start with the five-year-old…

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FG declares Friday, Monday holidays

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Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau (retd) Adelani Adepegba, Abuja The Federal Government has declared Friday, April 14 and Monday, April 17, 2017 as public holidays to commemorate Good Friday and Easter. The Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau (retd.) declared the public holidays on Wednesday in Abuja. He enjoined the Christian faithful and Nigerians in general to uphold the spiritual values of Easter, which are love, peace, justice, sacrifice and kindness, in their daily living and contribute to unity and peaceful co-existence among Nigerians. A statement by the Director, Office of…

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Supermarkets confusing customers with ‘once opened’ dates on food, Women’s Institute warns

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Supermarkets confusing customers with ‘once opened’ dates on food, Women’s Institute warns Posted , 2017-04-13 Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Go This thing looks set to drive Tesco plc, J Sainsbury plc and WM Morrison Supermarkets … Shares of Tesco(LSE: TSCO), J Sainsbury(LSE: SBRY) and WM Morrison Supermarkets(LSE: MRW) have been slipping lately and there are reasons to believe they will fall further.Inflation bites According to market researchers Kantar Worldpanel, Brexit-induced inflation has seen the price of everyday goods rise 2.3% compared to this time…

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Luminaries PEOPLE By Joanne Rae M. Ramirez Sr. Rosalima, R.A. (Conclusion) As we reflect on the Good Fridays and Easter Sundays of our lives, we can reflect on the lives of people who lifted their fellowmen from the Good Fridays of their lives. They were people who showed that, indeed, Christ is Risen, as they took by the hand those in despair and in the depths of poverty. To celebrate the bicentenary birth of its founders, St. Marie Eugenie and Mother Therese Emmanuel, the Assumption Convent proudly mounted a Gallery…

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New Dates Added for Remnants of Penn Station Tour

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Get a comprehensive history of the past, present and future of Penn Station See the various indoor and outdoor old-station remnants hidden in plain sight Understand why so much of the current station is actually a remnant of the long forgotten original Beaux-Arts marvel Learn insider navigation tips for one of the most cramped and complicated transit hubs in North America See never-before-seen old station photos from the collections of three photographers who photo documented Penn’s life and demolition DETAILS: Price: $30 (+fees) What to know: The tour is 1.5…

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Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer …

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As a Manhattan ‘fixer,’ he hustles nonstop by Bill Newcott, AARP , April 13, 2017 | Comments: 0 Rating: R Run time: 1 hour 57 minutes Stars: Lior Ashkenazi, Steve Buscemi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Richard Gere, Michael Sheen Director: Joseph Cedar The world pays scant attention to Norman (Richard Gere), an aging Manhattan “fixer.” Norman has spent his vaguely defined career making thousands of random professional contacts (he’d call them “friends”), then finding ways to involve these disparate individuals in baroque business deals. Norman calls himself a consultant. Everyone else calls…

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