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Kalayaan Island (Spratly) / West Philippine Sea – AFP*

Whoa anyare!? – hindi naman natin bibitawan yung ownership. sabi nga ni duterte wala sya power to d that dahil sa constitution natin forbids it. (walang power? he takes his oath on becoming the President, nasa duties, responsibilities at constitution yan) I think he meant walang power ang presidente to give up the ownership.

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The Cloud Network Era | @CloudExpo #Cloud #DigitalTransformation

Big Data: Driving Factor in Consumers’ Lives By Larry Alton Big Data is literally everywhere, and consumers interact with it daily. However, it’s the marketers that recognize the value of such data and use it to perfect the customer experience. Consumers, on the other hand, are often oblivious to their contribution to the mass data that marketers and businesses use to design their products and services. They don’t realize that their phones actually ping location-based data to nearby retailers. Browsing history, social media shares, online transactions, subscriptions, and other online…

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Eli Lilly Confirms Date And Conference Call For First-Quarter 2017 Financial Results Announcement

View More Jobs INDIANAPOLIS , April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) will announce its financial results for the first quarter of 2017 on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 . Lilly will also conduct a conference call on that day with the investment community and media to further detail the company’s financial performance. The conference call will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern time . Investors, media and the general public can access a live webcast of the conference call through a link that will be posted on…

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Was ThioJoe actually hacked?

I clicked on his latest video, and noticed the title and description: #OurMine – (Read the Description) Hey, it’s OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information THE BIGGEST HACK IN YOUTUBE HISTORY My question is, was this real? I could be wrong, but I think that when the video first showed up in my desktop notifications, the title was actually relating to the video, something about increasing your internet speed.

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#OurMine YouTube Hack

Note to MOD: This is still developing news so i don’t know if this is allowed. Source: “OurMine Are Back!” YouTube Hack Explained – Channels Under Attack Ourmine security group hacked youtube? from youtube ( ) Essentially a lot of big name Youtube Channel have their Youtube Title and description renamed to below: It seems to both link to the YouTube Video and Link is broken. The problem seem to stem from 3rd party services such as Network Partner Dashboard, VidIQ (Analytic Tool) which all have access to…

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Pokémon GO news: special events and updates

rooz Pokémon GO news: special events and updates image

Here’s our complete guide to Pokémon GO, covering everything from news and updates to accessories and the Pokémon GO Plus . Easter Eggstravaganza As it’s another public holiday, there’s another special event in PoGo. For Easter, this is what’s happening from 13-20 April: 2x XP for everything you do in the game 4x XP if you use a Lucky Egg Lucky Eggs are half price in the shop You’ll get extra Candies for hatching eggs Pokémon will hatch from 2km eggs which didn’t previously Gen 2 Pokémon 80 Pokémon from…

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Here’s why I’m invested in this company.

rooz Here’s why I’m invested in this company. image

Here’s why I’m invested in this company. 5 Energy Stocks to Grow Under Trump Administration in 2017 D ecember 30, 2016, 09:19:00 AM EDT By Zacks Equity Research, The surprise victory of Republican Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential election has turned out to be a boon in disguise for the energy sector. The billionaire real estate developer, who never held an elected office before, proposed certain changes for the oil and gas sector. Trump supports the completion of Dakota Access Pipeline and the extension of Keystone XL…

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Ford Says Hybrid Police Car Catches Bad Guys

rooz Ford Says Hybrid Police Car Catches Bad Guys image

Ford Says Hybrid Police Car Catches Bad Guys By Tom Krisher and Mike Householder PUBLISHED: 11 2017 The next time the cops chase you down for speeding, they could be driving a fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid. Ford Motor Co., which sells more police vehicles in the U.S. than any other automaker, says it will offer a police pursuit version of the hybrid Fusion midsize sedan, in response to requests from cities nationwide. The new car, with its 2-Liter four-cylinder engine and 1.4 kilowatt lithium-ion battery, is expected to get 38 miles…

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Tesla Passes GM as Most Valuable Carmaker in U.S.

rooz Tesla Passes GM as Most Valuable Carmaker in U.S. image

Tesla Passes GM as Most Valuable Carmaker in U.S. PUBLISHED: 11 2017 Tesla, the electric car company, has become the most valuable automaker in the United States, surpassing General Motors on Monday. Just last Tuesday, Tesla moved past Ford for the second-most market capitalization. On Monday, Tesla’s value hit $50.84 billion, edging GM at $50.79. Tesla’s value has risen nearly $3 billion since last week when at $48 billion it passed Ford at $45 billion. Next within reach is Japan’s Honda, which has a value of $54 billion. Others ahead…

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On Venus, tectonics without the plates

Enlarge (credit: NASA/JPL ) As we’ve explored the Solar System, some items we’re familiar with from Earth’s geology have kept appearing in new places. Glaciers, volcanoes, and geysers have all been found on other planets and moons. With all that’s familiar, it’s easy to forget that one of the defining features of Earth’s geology—plate tectonics—is notably absent. There are some hints of it on the icy crust of Europa, but it would have to be powered by a different mechanism there. If there was an obvious candidate for hosting plates,…

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Will the A7R II price drop?:

Craig Quote: : Edward Quote: : Hi. I’m looking to buy an A7R II, but of course as we all know the price is pretty high and it’s not so affordable. So do any of you think there will be a discount or a price drop any time soon? Like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or even when a new A9 camera comes out. Or do you think I can find a used A7R II for around $2300 or less? I’ve just really been looking for a camera like…

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Economic Value of Data (EvD) Challenges | @BigDataExpo #BigData #Analytics

Economic Value of Data (EvD) Challenges By William Schmarzo Well, my recent University of San Francisco research paper “Applying Economic Concepts To Big Data To Determine The Financial Value Of The Organization’s Data And Analytics Research Paper” has fueled some very interesting conversations. Most excellent! That was one of its goals. It is important for organizations to invest the time and effort to understand the economic value of their data because data has a direct impact on an organization’s financial investments and monetization capabilities. Apr. 11, 2017 06:00 AM EDT…

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Wikileaks releases a how to hack Windows guide from CIA dump

rooz Wikileaks releases a how to hack Windows guide from CIA dump image

You are at: Home » Hacking news » Wikileaks releases a how to hack Windows guide from CIA dump Wikileaks releases a how to hack Windows guide from CIA dump Hacking news , Technology , WikiLeaks WikiLeaks: New ‘Grasshopper’ leak reveals ‘CIA malware’ tools used to hack Microsoft Windows As a continuing part of its Vault7 series of leaked documents, the leaks site Wikileaks has released a new cache of 27 documents allegedly belonging to the US Intelligence agency the CIA. Hop on the grass A CLI-based framework named the…

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End the A-mount uncertainty !

rooz End the A-mount uncertainty ! image

Let’s not forget that until the A99 II was issued, many newcomers to Sony only paid attention to the A7 series of cameras, and to the RX and the 5000/6000 series, and that many Sony Imaging subsidiaries, retailers, reviewers and even Sony Imaging employees, thought that A-mount cameras and lenses were not going to be continued… Also, that many of the above entities and people didn’t pay attention to Sony’s continued release of its mark II series of G lenses and Zeiss SSM lenses…, apart from those in-the-know, like TCav…

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The Fate of the Furious (2017) Fast & Furious 8 6

rooz The Fate of the Furious (2017) Fast & Furious 8 6 image

Chính xác, seri nổi ko chỉ nhờ Vin, xe, gái gú, nhân vật Paul đóng có chất riêng, góp phần tạo nên kiểu Familycủa phim. Điểm meta đang là 6, với phim thuần hành động, liên tục như vậy chắc cũng đủ đáp ứng. Click to expand…

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I found this online do you think this is accurate – Page 2

8 minutes ago, Lord Nicoll said: If I lived near LMG and wasn’t so dead set on using basically all the opposite stuff to them (ESXi instead of unRAID, Linux instead of Windows etc) I’d apply with a box of chocolates just to butter him up a bit. Okay good advice. @LinusTech Are you busy Friday night at 8 for dinner and a movie?

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