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Do the reviews for Logan change how excited you are?

Yeah, pretty much.I mean, in the second one he’s just a side note on the history of a whole village.In the third he’s an even smaller note on something larger.Also, what do you mean originals? I mean, Fury Road is not a remake, it’s a sequel, it was even directed by the same person as the first two. Opinion Owner 6d
@Noxifer626 after 30 years with another actor that’s a remake. In the 2nd and 3rd he saves the day alone. In this one he’s a bitch. Noxifer626 6d
After 30 years and with another actor, yes, but the story is new and the director is the same. Do you even know what remake means? It means re-booting a part of the story. That is, following the same plot with some differences. Fury Road is an entirely different story, it’s set entirely apart from the others and is not a remake in any sense.In the 2nd one he would have died 50 times over if he didn’t get help from the villagers or from that crazy dude with the snakes. Not that far off from the 3rd. In the first movie his family gets killed because he refuses to get help. The whole point of Mad Max is basically “humans need help to get around, or they die”. Opinion Owner 6d
@Noxifer626 it’s the producer that matters on film. The director just directs. While the producer oversees everything. More movies have been ruined by crap producers than directors.

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