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Ex-Aid Mini 02 – Galactic Combat debut by Malunis

Ex-Aid Mini 02 – Galactic Combat debut by Malunis General Fiction ©2017 Malunis After a long wait, I finally followup the first Ex-Aid thing I did! If you haven’t caught up, I’ve decided to make these a “When I have a Gashat to debut” mini-series, so each one could take place at any point in the show. In this case, it’s just after Lazer got his Chambara form, but before Snipe got his Combat form. I opened with some narration to recap where the show currently is, just to make it clearer.
This ended up being a lot of fun once I came up with the final boss to Touwaku Puzzle, Lord Cubaron. Feels kind of Sentai-esque. It needed to be something with literal escalation so that Strat’s new flying form would get some proper use in her debut.
I also tossed in some names! Since the director will see some more use (I wrote the first one under the assumption that Ex-Aid’s own director wouldn’t be around much), I decided to give him a name. And if you didn’t connect these dots, the male nurse here is the same one I used in the first one as well. I like throwbacks. He’s giving us a bit of an unintentional role reversal as the male nurse who tends to patients while the female Rider fights.
It was fun to get to write all of these characters finally, particularly how Hiro and Emu differ. I figured Emu would be into befriending another Rider, especially with how hard it is to talk some sense into everybody else. I also kindly cut out his exposition to Himeko since I figured this would go a bit long as is.
And that’s about all I have to say about this one. The Legend Rider specials (whenever those happen) will take place just before a certain bike’s departure.
Ex-Aid Mini 02 – Galactic Combat debut
by Malunis , 25 minutes and 29 General Fiction [DISCLAIMER: This is an alternate continuity to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, taking place after episode 7. Refer to description for extra detail on this specific special.]
仮面ライダーストラトミニ02:星にFly! / Kamen Rider Strat Mini 02: Fly to the stars!
Emu Hojo: Gaming prodigy, pediatric intern, and a doctor of the Cyber Rescue Center. He would transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid to save patients from the Bugster Virus, along with many others. Using a newfound power of a Level 3 form, Ex-Aid took on the black Kamen Rider. Along with him, Brave and Lazer also obtained Level 3 forms that would aid them against stronger foes. In a battle to treat a victim of the game virus, Lazer revealed the identity of the dark Ex-Aid to be none other than Genm Corp’s CEO, Kuroto Dan – no one believed him, since they saw another man stand in his place once he decided to flee.
It had been a month since Himeko Aida had become Kamen Rider Strat. Even after the surgical process that enabled her compatibility, she had spent most of her time getting to know how the equipment in the Cyber Rescue Center worked. apart from more virtual simulations for practice, she had yet to see any real danger. The Riders from Seito University Hospital were hot on the trail of Bugsters – even if she never met them, she knew that they got the job done quickly, so she didn’t get to join in once they entered the scene. First come, first serve, she figured.
Himeko was now in the CR’s break room, in a heated battle with the final boss of Touwaku Puzzle. Dodging the blocks that were being dropped her way, she started to feel like a pattern was involved with his attacks. Using an Energy Item, she managed to jump up to the boss and attack with her weapon – but it hadn’t worked the last few times.
“What’s the trick to this?” Himeko wondered.
Just then, her watch began to beep. It was the Game Meter, Bugster detection equipment disguised as an oximeter watch. She put her game down and looked to the monitors to see Poppy Pipopapo appear and likely tell her that they’ve got it taken care of… but she didn’t. She instead heard the sliding door outside, where a bed was being rolled in.
Going into the patient’s room, the director brought one of the male nurses on the bed, to her surprise.
“Director Mura–” Himeko started.
“The game virus got one of our own.” Director Mura answered right away. “Come on, we need to figure out how bad this is.”
Himeko nodded and came over to the bed. The nurse was clutching his chest unable to remain still. She pressed some buttons on the console next to the bed, allowing the machine to scan him. Once the results came in, two icons were floating around on screen.
“Two types of Bugsters…” Director Mura muttered. “You’ve read the recent status reports, haven’t you?”
“No?” Himeko questioned.
Director Mura lowered his brow disapprovingly, but moved on. “This happened recently. Drastic action had to be taken to remove them from the host. Transform now to lure them out.”
“Uh–Understood.” Himeko attached her Driver, then flicked out a yellow Gashat, holding its front outwards and tapping the button with her index finger.
A yellow grid briefly spread out around her. She inserted the Gashat.
Multiple portraits spun around Himeko. She brought her hand under her portrait and flipped it, causing it to rush towards her.
Transforming into her Level 1 form, Kamen Rider Strat stood at attention. Orange pixels formed above the nurse, then took form as a polygonal jet of some kind. Strat suddenly realized, looking over to the director.
“Is it really okay to do this here?” Strat asked.
“No.” Director Mura answered. “Use the Special Move Slot Holder’s button to transfer to a safer location.”
“Ah, got it!” Strat looked down at it, tapping at it.
Strat pressed it a few times until it selected an old factory. The scenery around her faded as she was warped to a new location. The polygonal jet swooped towards Strat, causing her to dive and narrowly avoid it. She summoned her gun, then turned and shot at it. The small blocky bullets she shot caused it to shake, but it shook off the impact and started to come for her again. She held the gun’s grip tightly, preparing for the attack.
As the jet swooped down at her, she spun with the gun and used its hefty design to smack into the jet once it came towards her – an attack that sent it flying upwards. She saw a red block nearby, then punched it to get an Energy Item.
Strat got back to the jet as it came down, delivering a powerful punch. This caused it to get knocked back up and explode into pixels, leaving the nurse to fall back down.
“Gotcha!” Strat caught the nurse, bringing him to a safe spot behind some of the crates in the area.
Strat looked back once she heard the Bugsters stirring. Behind her, she could see a monster that was not like the others – a Collaboss Bugster, which had a Gashat lodged in its head. It wore a pale blue armor reminiscent of a jet.
“That’s one, where’s–” Strat looked around.
“We finally meet, Touchan.” A deep and intimidating voice called out.
To her surprise, he stood above them on the platform near the roof. Dressed in a regal purple attire with square buttons, the Bugster stood with his arms behind his back. His thin optic visor was lit with a yellow lit.
“Lord Cubaron…” Strat recognized, “From Touwaku Puzzle?”
“Your days of clearing blocks have come to an end.” The Cubaron Bugster recited his game dialogue. He brought a hand out dramatically, “Now, face my unbeatable blockade!”
Multiple colored blocks appeared around him, raining down in the area. Strat remembered the order they came in and dodged to the right, then jumped back. She grabbed the cover of her Gamer Driver once she had time to transform.
“Onto the 2nd phase!”
The shell of her Level 1 body broke away, and Strat stood up in her full sized Level 2 form. She held down one of the buttons on her gun, switching it to its hammer mode. Swinging around with it out, she bashed a block coming her way and broke it apart.
“I don’t need to know how to beat you, I’ll figure it out now!” Strat proclaimed.
Jumping onto a colored block, Strat jumped onto one of the ones coming her way, then to another. She had to act fast, because there was more at risk here than in a video game. As she started to jump towards another block, a figure tackled her – the Collaboss Bugster flew in, knocking her to a steel beam. Strat fell to the ground, slightly shaken. She got up, seeing the flying monster standing before her.
“You know, two-on-one is cheating…” Strat stood up, getting her hammer ready. “I’ll deal with you first!”
The Collaboss Bugster held up its missile hand to block Strat’s attacks, adding to the frustration of the fight, as the Cubaron Bugster continued to send blocks flying to random parts of the area. She had to watch for those while also fighting this monster.
Ramming the Collaboss Bugster with the top of her hammer, Strat huffed as she finally got an edge. She reached for her Gashat to pull it out and insert it into her hammer, when she felt a strong impact on her shoulder. Strat fell off to the side, her Gashat sliding away. Looking over, she saw him.
A black Rider with purple lining walked towards her slowly and menacingly, wearing a sports bike armor. He seemed to use two Gashats at once. Strat hurried to her Gashat, grabbing it and putting it back into her belt. As she stood to face him, she gripped her hammer nervously.
“Are you one of the others?” She asked. “I’m here to stop the Bugster, not fight!”
“I cannot allow that.” The black Rider said, his voice digitally distorted.
The black Rider came in with a low punch. Strat tried striking his armor with the hammer, but he quickly grabbed it and kneed her. Swiping it from her, he knocked her back with it and threw it aside, causing it to dematerialize along with her suit.
Himeko fell back, cornered by three foes. She started moving back in a panic, when suddenly someone jumped in from behind her. A Rider dressed in hot pink and green, with a sword in hand.
“I found you!” The new Rider said.
“Out of my way, intern!”
Another Rider ran in, dressed in light blue. He came at the Collaboss Bugster with his sword, while the pink Rider fought the black Rider. Himeko watched as the two fought off the foes, though they were only just capable. The black Rider slid back, grabbing at the wheel on his shoulder. It started to glow wildly, then he threw it at the ground towards them. An explosion went off, and once the pink Rider could see through the smoke, the black Rider was gone. The Collaboss Bugster charged a laser from its arm, aiming it at the light blue Rider – shooting him with multiple laser shots, the monster flew past them and left the building.
“They’re gone!” The pink Rider looked around.
“Not every–” Himeko looked to the higher platform, where Cubaron no longer stood. “Dammit…”
“We arrived too late, thanks to you.” The light blue Rider said, removing the Gashat from his belt. The pink Rider did so as well.
The two stood there as doctors, one casually dressed and one professionally dressed. The more professional one put his blue Gashat away.
“Hey, I was just going where the map said!” The casual doctor with the pink Gashat yelled.
Himeko walked between them and caused them to pause. She walked over to where the male nurse was laying, checking to make sure he was still okay. They recognized that she had a Gamer Driver on.
“He’s okay.” Himeko said. “Still infected, but he didn’t get hurt here.”
“I don’t recognize you.” The casual doctor remarked. “We should take this guy to the CR–”
“She’s from another hospital.” The professional doctor told him. “This patient is her responsibility, not ours.”
“That doesn’t mean we should abandon–”
“Do as you wish, intern.” The professional doctor started to leave the building. “I’m doing my job: Fighting the Bugsters.”
The casual doctor’s shoulders slumped as he watched the other leave without a second thought. Himeko was only partially focused on their bickering, as she wondered where Cubaron ran off to. The casual doctor went to the nurse’s other side and gave her a light smile.
“Let’s get him to your CR Center, alright?”
. . .
“God, this is a lot to take in!” Himeko groaned.
In the break room at her CR, Himeko talked with the casual doctor: Emu Hojo. He was an intern at Seito University Hospital, transforming into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Along with him was Hiro Kagami, a gifted surgeon from America who transformed into Kamen Rider Brave. Emu told her about Snipe and Lazer, two other Riders with their own motivations, and the mysterious black Rider who seemed to be aligned with the Bugsters.
“I told her she should read the reports,” Poppy Pipopapo said on the monitor nearby, “But she’s all ‘I’ll read them later’ every time~”
Himeko scoffed at Poppy, “Guess I had plenty of time to do it. I haven’t seen much action since you guys keep getting to the Bugster first.”
“And we kind of interrupted your fight earlier… I’m sorry.” Emu apologized.
“It’s… really not a problem, dude.” Himeko was taken aback by his earnest attitude. “I was getting cornered by the end of it. I didn’t expect that black Rider to show up.”
“Guys, he’s up!” Poppy said.
Emu and Himeko looked to the monitor Poppy was on – she was frantically pointing to the monitor next to her, which was in the patient’s room. He was stirring, starting to sit up and look around.
“I’ll take care of it from here.” Himeko told him. “Uhm… just let me know when you find the Bugster.” She had a serious look, “I wanna finish off Cubaron personally.”
Emu nodded and took his leave. Himeko entered the patient’s room, with the male nurse recognizing her.
“Miss Aida?” The nurse looked around, “Are we in another hospital?”
“It’s the Cyber Rescue Center.” Himeko told him, walking over to the bed’s console. “The director brought you here since you’ve got the Bugster Virus.”
“Bag Star?”
Himeko shook her head. “You wouldn’t know about it, it’s not public knowledge.” She tapped at the buttons on the console one at a time, still not used to how it works. “Just stay relaxed. It’ll get worse if you stress out.”
“Stay relaxed… okay.” He said. “What happens otherwise?”
Himeko hesitated… “This is something out of this world. Right now, there’s monsters out there that came from your body, and they need to be dealt with to cure you.”
“Those things…” The nurse said, “I caught glimpses of them in public. Is there someone who will fight them off?” He worried.
“Just work with me, okay?” Himeko said nervously, trying not to worry him. “Your name is… Masaki?”
“Mazaki. Kenta Mazaki,” He nodded to her, “We’ve only talked a few times. How did you get involved with this Bugster thing?”
“It’s a long story.” Himeko brought her attention back to the console. “… Still out there…” She muttered.
Himeko watched the console, seeing signs that both Bugsters were still active. This discouraged her, knowing that there were other dangers as well. Kenta watched her and had a thought – Himeko paused once she saw him checking his pockets. He got out a pair of ear buds and his phone.
“It seems like you won’t make any progress staying here with me.” Kenta told her. “Don’t worry – music really soothes me. I’ll be fine here.”
“Are you…” Himeko started to ask. With his assuring smile, she started to step back and head out the door.
Once she headed towards the elevator, Himeko got out her phone, calling the director.
“Sir, I’m heading out to patrol.” Himeko told him. “I need some transportation.”
“The vehicle you requested arrived – I’ll be in the parking lot to bring it to you.
. . .
Brave dodged a block coming his way from the Cubaron Bugster. The monster jumped back, narrowly dodging his fiery blade, when he held out a hand.
“Go, my winged ally!”
The Collaboss Bugster grabbed Brave from behind, locking him into place.
“Blockaaah!” The Cubaron Bugster yelled, causing a giant red block to fall in front of them. “Blockiii!” A yellow block fell to one side. “Blockuuu!” A green block fell to the other side. “Blockehhh!” And a pink fell to their back.
“What is this?” Brave questioned, wrestling off the flying monster.
“You’re boxed in!” The Cubaron Bugster proclaimed. “Now, BLOCKOOOH!”
The Collaboss Bugster flew out of the boxed area, and Brave saw why – above him was a blue block, rushing down. He braced for impact as the block came down and exploded. All of the large blocks disappeared, leaving Hiro laying on the ground in a weakened state. The Cubaron Bugster laughed triumphantly.
“Mr. Kagami!” Himeko yelled, coming towards him.
“Ah, so you return!” The Cubaron Bugster pointed.
“You’re not exactly hard to find – subtly is your biggest weakness.” Himeko glared at him. She looked down to Hiro, “Are you okay?”
Hiro clenched his fist, standing up weakly. “Don’t worry about me… focus on the Bugster.”
“Hiro, Himeko!” Emu called out, running over to them. “Come on, let’s finish these guys off together!”
“Don’t give me orders.” Hiro grabbed his Gashat, activating it once again.
Emu flicked out his Gashat, and Himeko held hers forward.
Their game screens appeared, filling the area with blocks and treasure chests.
“Transform!” The three said.
The three inserted their Gashats, then immediately opened the covers to switch to Level 2.
There stood Ex-Aid with Brave and Strat at his sides. Ex-Aid pointed with his small hammer.
“No Continues needed to clear this one!” Ex-Aid proclaimed.
“There is nothing I can’t cut.” Brave raised his sword.
“I don’t need to know how to beat you, I’ll figure it out now!” Strat rested her hammer on her shoulder.
The Cubaron Bugster stepped back, chuckling lightly. “Have fun getting through my blockade!”
The ground began to rumble. The Cubaron Bugster jumped as a row of giant blocks appeared beneath him, then another, and another, creating a large wall. From above, he sent down waves of smaller blocks, which landed and unfolded. They took on the form of Bugster Viruses wearing colorful blocky armor. Strat, Ex-Aid and Brave fought them off, while the Cubaron Bugster continued sending down more blocks that broke apart upon impact.
“Keep an eye on where those blocks are heading, they–” Strat started.
“–come in a pattern!” Ex-Aid said alongside her. They looked to each other, and Ex-Aid shrugged, “I know my Touwaku Puzzle. Heheh.” He tapped the button on his hammer, smacking it into an incoming Bugster Virus.
The Collaboss Bugster swooped in, shooting at Strat.
“This guy is just making it worse!” Strat remarked.
Brave looked to a nearby treasure chest, kicking it open. An Energy Item popped out, which he decided to make use of.
“Come at me, you flying coward!!” Brave yelled.
The Collaboss Bugster stopped shooting suddenly, then flew towards Brave.
“What’s it doing?” Strat questioned, seeing that Brave was clearly putting his Gashat into his sword.
“The Energy Item is making it lose all control – it’s going at him regardless of the risk!” Ex-Aid said excitedly.
Slashing at the Collaboss Bugster with an icy gust of wind, it was frozen in ice and sent flying towards Ex-Aid. He chuckled, inserting his red Gashat into the hammer.
“Strat, go!”
Ex-Aid’s hammer started to glow red, with a hologram of a robotic gauntlet on it. He bashed the frozen Bugster her way as she prepared her own weapon.
Multiple block holograms appeared over the hammer, making it larger. She smashed down at the Bugster as it came her way, crushing it in a small explosion of pixels. The light blue Gashat lodged in its head was launched upwards, which she swiped out of the air.
“Another one of the stolen Gashats?” Brave questioned.
Strat decided to press the button.
A new game screen appeared behind her, with a small silver feminine robot flying out.
“Galactic Combat!” Ex-Aid looked at the game screen, “It’s like Jet Combat, but in space!” He pointed to the sky dramatically.
“Uh oh, this isn’t good…” The Cubaron Bugster watched from above, having stopped his onslaught of blocks in surprise.
“If it can fly, I know what I’ve gotta do.” Strat reached for her yellow Gashat already in the Driver. “Onto the 3rd phase!”
Strat looked down, then put it into the second slot. If it worked for the black Rider, then it must work for her. Closing the Driver’s cover, she opened it once more to activate it.
The small robot opened its mouth, jumping onto Strat with a chomp.
The robot reformed, turning into armor that attached to Strat’s chest, shoulders and head, with blasters on both her arms. She could feel the power surging through her, and focused… with a burst of energy, she started to fly up.
“Stay back!” The Cubaron Bugster started sending blocks down.
Going up the wall of blocks, Strat span to the side, then moved back, dodging the blocks as she went higher. At this point, it was like using cheat codes – she couldn’t be stopped. Once she flew above the monster, she brought her forearm blasters forward and began shooting lasers rapidly. She watched carefully as he used his forearms to block specific areas, then she got in close.
“Now I see it, I just needed a first-person perspective!” Strat said proudly.
Strat brought out her gun. Cubaron let off a burst of energy, causing multiple small blocks to appear around them in the air. As he rushed at her, he dodged her gunshot and began to fight her personally. As they exchanged blows, a block flew towards her. She saw it in the corner of her eye and grabbed Cubaron, swinging him towards it so that it would hit his shoulder. He screamed in anger.
“It’s the pillars on your shoulders and head!” Strat concluded.
She kneed him in the back, then threw him aside. The Cubaron Bugster stumbled back, then prepared himself. Bringing his hands down, multiple blocks around them came rushing at her. Pressing the B button on her gun multiple times, she rapidly fired multiple hologram pixels at the incoming blocks, destroying them.
“That’s not all!!” The Cubaron Bugster shouted.
Strat heard the block coming her way from behind. Switching her weapon to its hammer mode, she ducked and let it come his way, with him not expecting such a simple trick. She ran towards him while he was dazed, smacking him in side of the head. The pillars on his head cracked, and he was sent flying off the wall. Ex-Aid and Brave watched as the Bugster fell near them, exploding on impact.
“Nice one!” Ex-Aid yelled to her. “W-Whoa, hold on!”
The block wall Strat was standing on began to shake, disappearing in a sea of pixels. Strat used her new armor’s flight ability to drift down slowly, resting her hammer on her shoulder once she landed.
“Maybe you should get me involved with fighting Bugsters more often.” Strat told them jokingly.
“Everything’s clear.” Brave said, walking away now that the Bugsters had been defeated.
“That guy…” Strat slumped her shoulders.
“I know.” Ex-Aid added.
Nearby, another unknown Rider watched with intrigue. He was in his Level 1 form, sporting a white body with a green helmet and purple eyes. He idly tapped the Gashat he was holding.
“So this is the competition…” The young sounding Rider commented. “Alright!”
The Rider had motorcycle wheels on his feet, using them to spin in place a couple times in excitement. He whipped out the black and red Gashat in his hand, pointing it their way.
“Once the rest of these arrive, I’ll see how good they really are.”
. . .
At the CR, Himeko scanned Kenta once more, finding that he had no signs of the Bugster Virus.
“Looks like it was a success.” She smiled, relieved that it was all worth it.
“Thank you for fighting it.” Kenta told her.
“Fighting?” Himeko blinked. “How’d you know that?”
“Well, to be honest…” Kenta said nervously, “I did a little snooping while you were gone. I got bored.”
On a nearby monitor, Poppy appeared. “I tried to tell him it was wrong, but he seemed so polite! I’m sorry.” She pouted.
Himeko looked annoyed at Poppy, but turned her attention back to Kenta.
“I got to talk with the director – he came down to check on me.” Kenta told her. “He said… if I wanted to, I could help take care of other patients while you’re out there fighting Bugsters.” He smiled lightly. “That way, you don’t have to worry about people like me snooping.”
Himeko seemed a bit embarrassed she didn’t think that far, but if the director approved it… “Okay. Welcome to the Cyber Rescue Center.”

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