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Extreme closeups of spray paint caps used for a cosmic mural

rooz Extreme closeups of spray paint caps used for a cosmic mural image

Hey, Let’s Call the Cast of Star Trek
In 1990, probably around the time that the last film with the cast of the original Star Trek TV show had just finished wrapping up the principle shooting of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (which came out in 1991), MCI somehow managed to wrangle all the cast members, including William (I-Really-Don’t-Want-Anything-To-Do-With-The-Rest-Of-You) Shatner into making […] The #DrawMeTyler project gets a print that supports the ACLU
Right after the 2016 presidential election, I wrote about my friend Tyler Feder’s #DrawMeTyler project, in which she drew free portraits of marginalized people as a form of activism. She’s now collected the first 100 portraits into a print on her Etsy shop and $10 from each sale goes towards the ACLU. Here’s what the […] Guy builds his own single-seat thrill ride
Daniel de Bruin built a homemade thrill ride that looks a bit like if The Zipper merged with a camera jib on steroids. The video says the machine reacts to the rider’s biometrics, but it doesn’t really show how a rider’s heart rate changes ride speed. Artists, designers, rejoice in Stock-Graphics
If you often find yourself Googling fruitlessly for interesting photographic textures and graphics for design projects, a subscription to Stock-Graphics may just be worth checking out.Unlike most stock photo services with restrictive subscriptions that charge per image license, Stock-Graphics gives you unlimited, royalty-free access to their library of over 15,000 photos and vectors. This curated collection […] Blue Apron bought a ranch, coincidentally their ingredients are “fresher”
Blue Apron delivers perfectly portioned ingredients so you can cook beautiful homemade meals easily, with subscription plans that match size of your household . Or appetite.If you want to wrangle in your restaurant habit and start cooking at home, Blue Apron eliminates the time-intensive trips to the grocery store to ensure that you have fresh, […] A piece of cardboard, the G-BOOM, and some parachute pants are all you need…
Just ask this guy! The G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox delivers 10W of balanced sound in a package that was built to live on your shoulder. It’s like the loudest, most in-tune mechanical parrot you’ve ever owned.Bluetooth audio has vastly simplified the search for the right sound system. Many people don’t have the need or the space […]

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