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From streaming to transportation to food, your complete guide to Coachella 2017

rooz From streaming to transportation to food, your complete guide to Coachella 2017 image

From streaming to transportation to food, your complete guide to Coachella 2017 By: Mark Schiff 34 minutes ago 9 9 16541761 6 y2017m04d12 117253 Like the first light breaking over the horizon, Coachella is almost here. Outfits have been carefully selected, accommodations have been booked, taxes have been paid (you didn’t forget to pay your taxes, did you? ). With preparations complete, all that’s left is to make your way to the desert for three unforgettable days of music, camping and fun.
What’s that? You still have questions? No worries, we like answering questions about Coachella nearly as much as we love Coachella itself (ok, so that might not be exactly true, but we still got you). Let’s start with you in the front with the flower crown.
Who are the headliners?
Seriously? We’re two days out and you still don’t know who’s headlining Coachella ?
Sorry, my bad, this is a judgement-free zone. Radiohead will headline Friday, Lady Gaga stepped in to replace Beyoncé and the twins on Saturday and Kendrick Lamar will shut it down (literally and figuratively) on Sunday night.
And what other bands are playi…
I’m going to stop you right there, just click this link for a few of our favorites or visit the Coachella website for a complete list of performers. Next question: You sir in the pink tank top, go ahead.
When are my favorite bands playing?
Not sure who your favorite bands are, though I’m guessing you’re probably a Sahara Tent man. In any event, we’ve got a handy guide right here . Anyone have a question about food?
I do. What are my food options at Coachella? I’m a…
Vegan, yeah we could tell (again, no judgements). There are plenty of food options for everyone, and many of them are from some of the best restaurants in L.A. Click here to take a look at the full list and where to find them . Next?
My friends and I are driving up from San Diego in separate cars. How do we find our camping spot and where can we park?
We’ve got a transportation guide for you on the other side of this link . But if I may be so bold, you look like someone who cares about the environment and who has luck on their side, am I right?
Yes! Both those things!
Thought so. In that case, perhaps you could carpool instead. Not only does it help the environment and simplify the logistics, but you could win prizes via Carpoolchella , including VIP Passes to Coachella for life.
Wait, did you say VIP Passes…FOR LIFE?
That’s exactly what I said. So barring extenuating circumstances, there’s no excuse NOT to carpool. What else can I help you guys with?
Which electronic artists should I see, who are the five best acts on the undercard and what surprise guests do you think Kendrick might bring out?
Wow, those were incredibly specific questions. And we have the answers to them here , here and right here . Keep the questions coming! You sir in the soiled t-shirt and sweatpants, go ahead.
I’m watching Coachella from home this year…
I would have never guessed!
…My question is how do I do that?
Good question, there are no dumb questions here. . That’s it .
That’s it?
Yep, that’s it. You Tube Dot Com Slash Coachella. Running out of time, last question from the woman in the sundress.
Thanks, what are five things I should bring to Coachella?
Wait, you haven’t packed yet?
No sir, I have not.
Well, in that case I would suggest reading this piece of content . Anything el….
Yeah, can I pay my taxes at Coachella?
[Shakes head, leaves podium] By: Mark Schiff Added 34 minutes ago Sponsor

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