GEORGIA’S done. Finished. OVER.

Trump’s personal dark money group JUST announced: End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to electing Democrats, transforming our broken campaign finance system, and ultimately ending Citizens United. If you really want to receive only our most urgent emails, click here. If you’d like to unsubscribe, click here.

— Georgia’s Special Election is in just THREE DAYS.
— This race is a DEAD HEAT.
— And we’re running out of money to keep our ads live.

The outlook is grim: Trump’s personal dark money group JUST announced a major ad campaign to defeat Jon Ossoff and HUMILIATE us.

Our only hope is to get 15,OOO donations before Election Day.

DO NOT WAIT for Republicans to crush us. You’re running out of time to make a difference.

Before you do anything else, chip in $1 right away:
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No regrets.

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