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GOP health care, fewer luggage woes, Ezekiel Elliott: Your Monday evening news roundup

Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here. Low-income Texans would see federal assistance drop in GOP health care plan
Middle class Texans who saw no federal help in paying for Obamacare will get some relief under the new GOP health care plan.
But many lower-income and older Texans, especially in rural areas, will see federal aid shrink under the proposal winding its way through Congress, experts from several health policy organizations warn.
They’re among the millions of Americans who will see their federal assistance drop dramatically under the GOP proposal unveiled last week by Speaker Paul Ryan, experts say, leading to what many predict will be a massive rise in the uninsured.
And: Teachers and pastors on Monday rallied against the Senate’s ‘sinful’ school vouchers proposal, even as its author announced the bill will be heard Thursday.
Also: Sen. Ted Cruz is urging Texans to support lawmakers who are trying to implement school choice policies for public education. A traveler waits for his bag as luggage moves around a baggage claim at Gate C on March 10 at DFW international Airport in Dallas. (Ashley Landis/The Dallas Morning News) Three reasons why U.S. airlines are not losing your luggage as often
U.S. airlines are doing better than ever at taking care of passengers’ luggage.
Through a combination of new technologies that allow bags to be tracked in nearly real-time and a renewed focus on the basics of handling luggage, airlines last year reported the lowest rate of mishandled bags — those lost, damaged or delayed — since the Department of Transportation began keeping track in 1987.
The rise of baggage fees also has led passengers to check fewer bags or stick to a single carry-on, leaving fewer bags for airlines to mishandle on a per-passenger basis.
Also, carriers grounded more than 5,300 trips ahead of a winter storm that threatens to batter the Northeast United States. Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott watches the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center on March 7. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Ezekiel Elliott seen exposing woman’s breast during St. Patrick’s Day parade
Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was caught on camera pulling on a woman’s shirt and exposing her left breast during Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dallas.
In a video shared by TMZ, Elliott can be seen pulling down the woman’s shirt to show her breast after she motions at them and then points at Elliott.
Ezekiel Elliott is not facing criminal charges for assault, but the NFL can suspend a player even without legal charges being filed.
Farewell: Former Cowboys great DeMarcus Ware announces retirement from NFL. Crime and punishment

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