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Healthy Living Check-In: 4/10

Apr 11, 2017 7:31:00 GMT -5 judyblume14 said: 1. Last week was good. I managed to squeeze in 4 workouts. Eating was okay. Istarted back to work on Friday and realized that if I would like to be a little more comfortable in my work clothes, I should really REALLY stop stuffing chocolate in my face hole.
2. Targeting 2 crossfit workouts this week. Off to a good start – I was able to go after work yesterday (a feat in itself to leave on time my second day back…even with pumping and everything).
3. Eat ALL of the veggies in the world. Avoid most of the sweets.
4. NSV – I PR’d my front squat yesterday! BAM! Way to go!
Front squats are tricky too

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