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How To Convince Mama You’ve Been Planning Easter for Weeks

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6 Secrets for the Accidental Easter Hostess 2. Try to cook as much as you can in advance. To really enjoy some quality time with your family and friends, you’ll need to abandon the idea of cooking everything the day of. Although this seems pretty obvious, most people make the mistake of getting up early on Sunday to make everything all at once. But what if you’re hosting Easter brunch or an early holiday lunch? You can save yourself time, stress, and oven space with make-ahead dishes and appetizers that will only need reheating before serving. 3. If all else fails, turn dinner into a partial potluck. Come from a big family or expecting a large crowd? Put on your delegating hat and assign dishes that complement the menu you’ve created. A potluck dinner is a simple way to have your family share in the grunt work of cooking, instead of them showing up empty-handed on an empty stomach. Since you’ve only got a few days left, you should handle the main course and dessert, and have guests bring the accompanying sides. Not only do you get a chance to try new recipes, but you also won’t get stuck with all the leftovers. For those extended family members whose culinary skills aren’t exactly up to snuff, no one will judge you for leaving them off the list or asking them to bring water and silverware. Advertisement 4. Put a new twist on Mama’s old recipes.
Southerners hate to stray away from family tradition, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing old and new. If Mama has a go-to deviled eggs recipe or signature glaze , incorporate her favorites into the menu and jazz them up with quick stir-ins, like Coca-Cola mixed with orange juice to make a sweet and zesty ham coating or an unexpected spicy seasoning sprinkled atop stuffed eggs. That way, you can serve your guests home-style classics with a little twist.
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Where you can really wow them is with drinks. No one will really expect for you to serve anything but standard beverages, so the best way to avoid them thinking this was a last-ditch effort on your part is by creating your own boozy cocktail or refreshing non-alcoholic punch recipe that incorporates the flavors of spring. Your guests will definitely drink to that!

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