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Have a nice day you all. #Ihatecookiesandcream EFE COVERS IHN Hey Stella of life how are you, since I discovered sdk I have been stuck on this blog, no going back. I hope I qualify for face of Ihn. All the bv’s in the house Happy Easter in advance and that special Sunday is my birthday and please say a special prayer for me. kisses everyone, and all my Benin bv’s special greeting to you all. Efe Efeeee,I love that name..Kisses to you BLOGBRITY COVERS IHN Hi Stella,Longest time. Here’s my picture for face of IHN. I’ve been busy lately, and hope to resume commenting once I’m done.Love all have. Blogbrity my darling,I have missed your comments..hope you are good?how work?you look different.Kisses INDUSTRIAL MACHINES FOR SALE Good day Stella. Please I saw so many people asking for industrial machine on INH. Please i have a sister who has so many she wants to sell off. Although the machines are second hand, the prices are okay. Please help me publish. My number is 09084322013, My location is Lugbe Abuja. BV’S JULIE AND MONKEYNOFINE THANK YOU Good afternoon aunt Stella am the lady that sent you a text on how my husband is hitting me and also show you my pictures. Your blog have opened doors for me. May God bless you abundantly. You shall excel in every area of your life. Past month a lady in UK her name is Julie sent me 50k and yesterday another blog visitor monkeynofine sent me 80k to add to my business pls help me appreciate them and post on your blog for me. God bless you a lot. Julie the one whose Father was imprisoned for a long time before he finally got Justice?wow.Monkeynofine thank you.God bless you both for reaching out WHO HAS USED GATE FOR SALE? I still dey find used 12ft gate o, please anyone who has a used (second hand) lol,12ft gate‎ for sale should please and please contact me. The big gate o, like the one wen motor dey pass. 08038499926. Praise God!!! Hi Stella and my fellow BVN’s, I shared a testimony of my pregnancy in this blog and I promised to share another when I give birth. ‎I had my baby last month and I can’t praise/thank God enough for His endless Mercies. Thank you Baba God for answered prayers, thank you Mother Mary for your endless pleas to God on my behalf, thank you all the Angels and Saints for praising God with me while waiting on my Miracle… To all expecting and expectant mother‎s, God neither sleeps nor slumbers He will hear your prayers in Jesus name… Amen ‎ My blog ID is Ebony Beauty. WOW congrats babe OLUCHI IS LOOKING FOR RICHARD Good day Stella. Please I am looking for a friend. I met him on snm and I made him delete me…. …. Your name is Richard. You work at … salt in agabra. You are “psychologist” lol. Richard, really I am sorry! It was just one of those them days… Let’s be friends again??? 2BE3A93E. Thanks PIQUANT CAKE TRAINING OVER Thank you for the opportunity. The free cake training finished last week and these are the pictures of what we did in the classes. We look forward to having another training soon on small chops. Interested people who stay close to Egbeda axis and are ready to learn should send a message on whatsapp 07050409916. Thank you. FOOD PLAN FOR A DIABETIC PERSON Please I will appreciate it if doctors or blog visitors that have people whom are diabetic kindly tell me the meal plan they are placed on. My father is diabetic and so far his fasting blood sugar keep fluctuating between 200 and 120. It reduces only when the dosage of his meds are increased. Please what kind of food will he eat that will be low in carb, and how can he maintain a good sugar level. Please if you know,drop something in the comment section.Thank you.

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