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Input for a roadtrip from Utah to Texas

Hi all I have an aunt and uncle coming from overseas for 3 months from April to end of July. Part of the time they will be in Ca with relatives and do sightseeing there. Part of the time they will stay with us and we will take them places around UT. Uncle has a friend who lives in TX who is flying over to Utah and then driving them back down to TX to stay with them for couple of weeks before aunt and uncle fly to east coast and visit NYC , Falls, DC ect then flying back to UT and stay longer time with us. I am trying to make a road trip for his friend and my uncle/aunt for their road trip to TX. If anyone has done this road trip can I get input of it looks doable and any other places I may have missed? Day 1 around May 8th or some give day or so plus minus- Drive is around 4 hrs. Leave early from SLC area drive to Moab. Do the arches, and moab area rest of the day. Stay night some where close to Moab. I know hotels will be expensive in Moab it self. Are there any reasonable hotels in moab or close enough where they can drive to after long day? Day 2- Drive to Grand Canyon drive is around 6 hrs to Flagstaff I think Flagstaff will have more choice in hotels price ranges Day 3 Do the Grand Canyon tour, Depending how long they spend time at GC they can leave same day and drive to Sedona, AZ for the night. Day 4 Check out Sedona. I don’t think it will take too long in Sedona. Is there anything close by they can visit? If not then they will drive to Winslow, AZ along they way they will stop at Meteor crater. Spend night in Winslow. Day 5 Drive to Santa Fe, NM . Along the way visit Petrified National Forrest and Santa Fe. Spend the night in Santa Fe. Drive is about 6 hrs from Sedona to Santa Fe. Day 6 Drive to Wichita Falls, TX Drive is around 7 hrs. Never been to WF so not sure what is there to see and how long they should give. Day 7. Wichita falls sigh seeing? Depending on how long they take there spend night in WF again or on way home to Sugar Land area. Is this something doable? Should I give more or less time in some places? Did I miss any places that are must see along the way? Other notes: Uncle and their friends are old couple so I don’t think they will be doing lot of walking and hiking. They will most likely to drive place A to be get out stop look may be walk around area for bit then be done. Would Williams be closer than Flagstaff to stay? I think the entrance to GC is close to Williams if I remember it’s been awhile though. The friends who are arriving from Tx are arriving on May 8th. They want to stay with us for couple days and to day trips around SLC for 2 to 3 days then drive back to TX. Friends wife has to be back to work on 23rd and that included their sight seeing around Houston, Alamo etc. So keeping that in mind I don’t think they can spare too many days on road trip may be a day extra but that would be pushing. I put in Santa Fe because that was one of the site friends wife said she wanted to take them. Meteor Crater that is close to Winslow, AZ off I 80. I have been there 3 to 4 times in my life over the years Hope this helps. Any other input after my addition would be greatly appreciated.

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