Inside Job

It’s amazing to see motivated reasoning in action. We all do it. But I just find it utterly amazing that people are still obsessed with Hillary Clinton. She was not elected President. The President is Trump. But let’s go through this. If, as Zou says that the intel is more useful by not leaking intel, then I would like some examples as to how. In other words, how is it more useful in not leaking it? Let’s summarize:
Hillary is NOT the President.
Trump IS the President.
Our sitting POTUS is giving out state secrets to Russia.
I am not sure what more the Russians could expect to get out of keeping this information secret?
I will reiterate this again because this is continually lost. Nobody knows whether or not there was collusion between Trump and Russia. Democrats cannot prove that it exists. Republicans cannot prove the lack of connection. Zou claims this Rich guy is conclusive. It is not. What it does do is confirm his already existing belief. In much the same way that a picture of Trump with Russia’s ambassador does not prove the existence of collusion.
What we do know is that all the intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia did interfere in our election process. So, that issue ought to be considered moot. What we don’t know is whether they acted on their own or with the aid of Americans.
IMO, the only reasonable way to get to the bottom of any possible collusion was to let the FBI director do his job. Unfortunately, he’s been terminated from his job. According to Trump, he was fired in part for continuing the Russia investigation.
Thus, this leaves us with either the Senate Committee and/or a special prosecutor. It is in the best interest of everyone who has a shred of patriotism for our Country to want the truth to come out. The best, repeat, BEST, possible result is that there is no evidence of collusion. It is troublesome enough that Russia meddled in our elections, it would be a relief to know that this was not done with the aid of American.
Let me say this in my non-legal vernacular. This should be about the United States, not f#cking partisan politics, you a$$holes. Country before party.