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Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’? Twitter, Ryan Reynolds have jokes

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Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’? Twitter, Ryan Reynolds have jokes Carly Mallenbaum , USA TODAY Published 9:25 p.m. ET April 12, 2017 | Updated 0 minutes ago
Josh Brolin, left, has been cast as Cable in the ‘Deadpool’ sequel. (Photo: AP, Fox)
Josh Brolin has signed on to play comic-book character Cable, opposite Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed mercenary in Deadpool 2 , The Hollywood Reporter and The Associated Press confirmed Wednesday.
But, wait, wasn’t Brolin already cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Indeed. Brolin plays Thanos, a supervillain who has a major role in the forthcoming Avengers: I nfinity War.
Josh Brolin’s first Marvel character, Thanos, first appeared in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ (Photo: Marvel)
And Twitter was quick to react: I don’t know why Josh Brolin thinks he can be Thanos AND Cable but I guess rules don’t apply to these Hollywood types. — Linda Ge (@lindazge) April 12, 2017 Josh Brolin gonna play Cable? — April Dawn (@April13dawn) April 12, 2017 Josh Brolin is Cable in Deadpool 2 but is also Thanos in Infinity War. #Deadpool2 #Cable — Lewis Foster (@LewisFoster032) April 12, 2017
Reynolds, himself, made light of the fact that Brolin’s been cast as a second character based on Marvel Comics (though Deadpool is a Twentieth Century Fox film, as opposed to Disney’s Avengers ). He tweeted , sarcastically, “You can’t play 2 characters in the same universe!! Josh Brolin was in Sicario and I was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch .”
By Wednesday afternoon, news of Brolin playing Cable in a four-picture deal had lit up social media, with “Josh Brolin” as a top national Twitter trend. Though many online complained about the casting decision, others tweeted in defense of Brolin. If Eddie Murphy can play a whole fat family in 1 movie Josh Brolin can play 2 Marvel Characters in different movie franchises #CalmDownNerds — Couch Crumbs (@Couch_Crumbs) April 12, 2017 I’m so in for Josh brolin to play cable- one of my all time favorite characters 👊🏻 — 比偉斗 (@petewentz) April 12, 2017
To be fair, Brolin isn’t the first actor to play two Marvel characters. Both Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan played Human Torch in Fox’s Fantastic Four movies, before going on to play hero Captain America (Evans) and supervillain Erik Killmonger (Jordan, in 2018’s Black Panther ) in Disney/Marvel films. Read or Share this story: Most Popular

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