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LG C6 TV Owners and Discussion Thread Part 3 | Page 41

rooz LG C6 TV Owners and Discussion Thread Part 3 | Page 41 image

oh the old dancing pixels feature…
saw hatefull eight on bluray. amazing quality on close ups, but not that good overall. perfect black bars top and down but when going from chapter to chapter the black had red tints and even some artifacts on the left if the screen, horizontal paralel black lines. i think thats from the film itself.
Titanic 3D. WOW! Ive seen titanic a bunch of times, on vhs, dvd, on cable tv and streamed online. Didnt had high hopes for this. I was blown away by the image quality. the 3d is outstanding but i dont know if its the movie or the tv, lol. Right from the begining when they go with that robot submarine into the remains of the ship you can see the dust/debris floating around, between you and the tv, its something else. When Rose appears for the first time with her huge hat, its like the hat was with me in the room and was getting in the way, i keed you not! Crystal clear image, amazing 3D. I cot a collectors edition so the 3d bluray movie is on 2 discs, another bluray disc with the normal movie and another disc with just the features!
I see myself buying more 3d movies in the near future. I want the lotr and hobbit collection, any other suggestions?
This is a simple shot from a random moment. It looks fuzzy because of the 3d, i couldnt take a picture through my 3d glasses.

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