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NickBana said: ↑ The point is Garrus could track those projectile. Nice goalpost shifting though. Click to expand… And my argument is that, within a few hundred meters, trajectories regardless of projectile are pretty much flat
You’re splitting hairs. Kishock Harpoon Gun is a sniper platform and it fires unique round. Krysae used APHE round. Krogan once used gunpowder weapons. And you argue Garrus can’t detect projectile from unique rounds? Click to expand… No, I’m saying that from my own experience as a long range marksman I don’t see a way a back tracing software could give you an accurate trajectory, minus direction, of a shooter at extreme range, especially given how markedly different Linda’s rifle is. A back tracing program is essentially an extrapolation tool, a “best fit” guessing/assumption tool given a limited set of input data. With the wide range of Mass Effect muzzle velocities guessing the right one on an extreme range shot would be pretty much magical. Within a few hundred meters, were pretty much all combat, beyond sniping, takes place, the back trace is relatively simple regardless of muzzle velocity.
And his armor hotlink can provides backtracing of incoming fire and corrects for microrefraction of outgoing shots through kinetic barrier. Click to expand… Are you a broken record? What do you think we’ve been discussing the potential limitations of?
His targeting visor too have magnification up to 100x, Click to expand… Fairly irrelevant. Even 10x magnification can get you accurate shot placements at 1-1.5km. If anything, 100x is drastic overkill that, if used, would make it harder to track moving targets at range, or even search an area for targets.
integrated target tracing and optional wind plus gravity compensation solutions. And his gun can provide similar targeting solutions. Click to expand… And? I have software on my phone that can do wind and gravity compensation, and for Linda those are internal second nature especially considering her feats. After all, she can directly hit a ~2 meter target that is flying 2km directly vertical 4 times as fast as she can pull the trigger, among other feats.
Wrong. One mile is common engagement range of sniper rifle. And that was a Volkov, a sniper rifle used pre-ME1. Click to expand… Source. You must have a very different idea of “common” considering you’re likely referring to a single instance in all of canon.
As long as it was not contradicted by Codex, yes. The creator already said if the visuals contradicting Codex, Codex always wins. Click to expand… Giving Mass Effect weapons airsoft velocities simply from in game is laughable.
And Garrus can’t detect both, how exactly? Click to expand… Detecting is different than accurately guessing the muzzle velocity
As I said, it was in the codex. the shape and size of the projectile was determined by input from the environment e.g. gravity, atmosphere, wind, range, etc. High caliber barrel exist for sniper rifle. Click to expand… I repeat, you cannot make a projectile larger than the dimensions of the internal fabricating chamber or width of the rails/barrel. Modification to the entire rifle exist to help that but the point is the same.
ME weaponry used projectiles of different weight, shape and sizes, each having it’s own flight characteristics. Krysae APHE round had different characteristics than Javelin. You as a sniper should know better than a grunt like me. AP round had different flight characteristics than subsonics, as well as difference in weight affects its in-flight characteristics. If he could detect both, chemical propellant should be in his database. Click to expand… The Javelin would have a flat trajectory at almost any range, and simply being APHE has nothing to do with the Krysae’s muzzle velocity. The amount of factors to get a dead on trajectory trace are mostly unknown to the program. It would have to make complete guesses on muzzle velocity, relative elevations, changing weather conditions, etc. Those guesses, almost all the time, would be reliable within a few hundred meters, but not at a couple thousand.
I’m fairly certain those Vorchas during the recruitment mission was far frther than that. Click to expand… You mean the mercenaries in Mass Effect 2? The cutscenes itself shows the exact distance and it is hardly over 100m.
And as I said, one mile minimum. Using old rifle. In Mass Effect: Ascension. Liara’s apartment was shot by Tela Vasir from long range too. Click to expand… Obviously the rifles can shoot extreme distance, but how much of that is user and how much is VI?
Because homing missiles have relatively low velocity? Concussive shot had relatively long range, you know? Click to expand… Do you even understand the word relatively? Linda can easily engage at ranges of 2km and beyond. Concussive shot is not “relatively long range” even in comparison to a twentieth of that.
It was there. In fact, almost all ME weapons features smart targeting and combat radar, In addition of his armor and targeting visor. Click to expand… Without actual feats, “smart targeting” as a catch all for functional combat accuracy at any range is a no limits fallacy. People still miss targets all the time, even with said targeting, and being at a distance of a few kilometers against a sniper considered supernatural by superhuman standards, whom also had more combat experience alone than Garrus’ has been alive, is certainly not helping your hit percentage.
Because his father training was complemented by his military training, as well as his tech. Unlike UNSC, the Heirarchy expects the citizen to die for the cause and highly meritocratic. Garrus was the Primarch’s advisor not only because of his father pestering Fedorian, but because of he was competent enough to do the job. Click to expand… You’re seriously comparing Garrus, who has a few years trained by his father, a few years of basic military training, a few years served as a cop, and a few years as something of a spec ops vigilante to a freak athlete genius with nearly a decade of extremely rigorous and comprehensive training as a special forces commando sniper, whom despite being 12 was already out preforming trained and we’ll equipped adult Marines sniper teams, and then has another 3 decades of experience in war on the scale that only the last few months of Garrus’ career even compares to.
Garrus has zero noteworthy marksmanship feats beyond people acknowledging that he is a good shot. Linda has direct feats of supernatural extreme range shooting and a career and training that we can be certain of her expertise at the various skills of ‘snipercraft’
There is no comparison.