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Lit – Thrawn – New canon Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn (Spring 2017) | Page 90

rooz Lit – Thrawn – New canon Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn (Spring 2017) | Page 90 image

Charlemagne19 said: ↑ I think it’s important to remember that despite all of Thrawn’s better qualities, he’s a fascist. He may not be as malevolent as the Emperor but he’s basically Napoleon and believes in a military autocracy with himself at the head.
In the face of the Vong, that presents a very viable defense.
But Thrawn believed only HE could defeat them and only with the galaxy at his beck and call and that cost the universe dearly.
Interestingly, this means Thrawn is Ozymandias and from Tales of the Black Freighter.
Except, worse, the threat WAS real and he failed because he believed only he could defeat it. This actually makes a lot of sense. Thrawn doesn’t want to deal with the democracy etc that ties down the Old/New Republic and Rebel Alliance. We see in Rogue One how even great military commanders like Raddus and Dodonna are shackled by what the Council tells them to do. Thrawn wants a system where he can rise to the top in a few years and call the shots.
The ironic thing is, the very system that allows him to rise to the top quickly also doesn’t filter out people like Ozzel, Pryce, Tarkin, Konstantine, etc. that make blunders in the Imperial military. For all his talk of long-term planning, Thrawn actually doesn’t have the patience when dealing with democracy and people disagreeing over military matters. No wonder he and Anakin/Vader get along so well–Anakin: “They should be made to agree.” Padme: “Who will make them? You?”
Thrawn has a lot of patience with military workings. But as far as the political preliminaries to military action (getting the approval of a Senate, testifying before a committee to the Vong threat, etc.) I am guessing he has little patience. And this is how Palpatine deludes Thrawn to his side, in the same way he deluded Padme so many years ago over the exact same thing (impatience over democratic procedures leading up to military action).
For Thrawn to get the Alliance’s/Republic’s attention, he’d have to do like the Ersos in Rogue One. Surrender to them, tell them what he knows, have everyone like Davits Draven etc calling for his head because he worked for the Empire, and then have a Council decide to ignore the threat when all is said and done. This is ironically why Thrawn wouldn’t work for the Alliance.
However, the Ersos ultimately succeeded because despite the Council not approving, they connected in a human way to Cassian, the Guardians of the Whills, and other Alliance people who did believe them. And this is the route a “good” Thrawn should have taken, because definitely someone would have believed him on the Republic/Rebel side even if the majority didn’t (maybe even Luke Skywalker himself).
Add to the fact that the Rebels have a proven track record militarily in battles that are not shams, it seems that only Thrawn’s impatience in handling the Vong his way is what keeps him with the Empire, especially in Legends post-ROTJ. Last edited by sidv88, Apr 12, 2017 at 4:48 PM

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