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Lockport IS a Complete disaster with Streit

rooz Lockport IS a Complete disaster with Streit image

I like the idea of a barfly as mayor. I see these stool hounds all over Lockport. There’s a big difference in pontificating over a beer while Wheel of Fortune is on and actually running a town. If Joey Bagofdonuts gets elected it will be as fun as the hilarity will quickly ensue. But in all honesty here’s a tip to you Joey supporters: Not all voters belly up to the bar and kibitz with him. No website and a ridiculous FB page? I guess this will be a lesson in that yard signs are the most important element in a campaign. I have no clue what he’s about or his real experience. The only thing I hear third and fourth hand is he’s against the warehouse development. So. Big deal. So he shuts the warehouses down and we all go to the bar cackling at his stupid jokes for the rest of his term? How is he going to make Lockport great again? Real specifics from him please. If he gets elected pl ase tell him to get on twitter and tweet everyday. I honestly can use the comic relief.
PS You can get something on the web up for free you know…. I’m sure Joey’s campaign manager nee bartender knows that.

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