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Magic Space Wizard [Star Wars: SI] Rewrite 6

rooz Magic Space Wizard [Star Wars: SI] Rewrite 6 image

NuclearIcecream said: ↑ Something ive always wondered about the stun setting is that it seems to shoot this sort of circular wave blast thing, so would a lightsaber actually be able to deflect it? Click to expand… I have been asking that question since I was a little kid and have yet to find an answer through all my trawls through the EU books. The stun setting is hardly ever mentioned again despite the fact that it’s introduced right at the start of the first movie.
I really want him to pull out a cobbled together triple barreled blaster and stun a Sith at some point. Just totally anti climax the whole Darth Maul fight. Then give a long frustrated rant at how force users get their common sense neutered when they get their first shiny laser sword.

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