My One Hundred and first – Pu Pu platter for two -100 Meals You Never Thought You Would Eat Pureed – Recipes for Head and Neck Cancer patients

My One Hundred and first – Pu Pu Platter for Two -100 Meals You Never Thought You Would Eat Pureed – Recipes for Head and Neck Cancer patients

Dedicated to the Aku Aku Restaurant in Massachusetts, that nurished a number of college students through the years

Yea, I bet you didn’t see this one coming . . . The beauty of this recipe – there is too much food for one person to eat, so you have to share a meal with a friend. Sharing is caring.

When I lived in Somerville, MA back in the 80’s, my housemates and I used to order Chinese delivery all the time. We tipped well, so we were always delivered food first – and HOT. Now, unlike most houses that waited until everyone came home before we ordered, the first person came home and ordered Chinese food, and then the next person ordered more Chinese food, and typically there was a third order before the night was through. Free delivery was wonderful, and the driver got tipped each time. I remember one night he was driving with his young daughter in the car, and he brought her up to our door to meet us. . .

Takee Outee was a New Orleans Mardi Gras favorite, but I don’t remember Pu Pu Platters . . . it was 2 AM though, that might have had something to do with it.

For those not familiar with the American-Chinese Pu Pu platter, it is an appetizer for two typically containing an egg roll, boneless spare ribs, chicken wings, chicken fingers, beef teriyaki skewered beef, crab rangoon, and shrimp tempura. Typically served with sweat sauce and hot Chinese mustard sauce on the side.

For the pureed eater, this recipe is going to take a lot of extra work, because instead of dumping everything in and pureeing it, you need to make 3-4 different small purees. I simply rinse out the blender between serving.

Since I do about 2 cups per meal, this means I’ll make four 1/2 servings. Typically 3/4 pieces of meat make about 2 cups, so you only need one or two pieces to make a 1/2 cup. The big decision maker it whether the meat is breaded or not.

You have the option to puree everything before you sit down to eat, or puree as you go. I’ll give you the puree-as-you-go otion.

I break the grouping into – seafood, chicken fingers, beef, then pork. I typically consume them that way too.

Instead of using warm water, I blend each one with hot tea. If you are a green tea drinker, use green tea. Add the solids, then fill the blender to the 1/2+ cup mark.

(Remember to remove the hard tail piece of shrimp before you puree.)
This would include the crab rangoon and the shrimp tempura. You only need two pieces, so one of each or two of the same. I typically use regular tea and no sauces. I love me crab rangoon by itself.

As I have already posted on sweet and sour chicken , we are basically headed in the same direction. I typically use the sweet sauce here, and save the hot mustard for the boneless spareribs.

Since the beef doesn’t have any starch, I pair it with the egg roll. You are going to have to cut the egg to make sure that the size of the egg roll portion is equal to the beef section. Typically this is going to make closer to a 1 cup size, if you use the whole beef skewer. Remove the beef off the skewer before pureeing . . . just saving. Also, I’ve been known to use the bamboo skewer to push through any pieces of meat that get stuck in the feeding tube . . . don’t tell my family.

Yes, I saved this for last. Finish with Chinese mustard sauce. I’m too afraid to start the night with hot mustard sauce. Just sayin . . .

Since there is no starch on the boneless spareribs, I use whatever starch is leftover. Are the egg rolls gone? Did we order rice? In a pinch I will use a fortune cookie . . .

I skip the chicken wings, and save them for lunch the next day. There is no spacial seasoning on the chicken wings, and no one ever fights over who is going to get the chicken wing, so it is what it is

Traditional Chinese-American take out

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