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Good morning ladies,
Cool but sunny and supposed to warm up by afternoon. A few nice days ahead, a few days of “April Showers” oh well gotta take the bad with the good. Hello Springtime.
Just a few minutes here and I have to get ready to head off to a thrift shop meeting. I don’t want to go I do enjoy backing away from all the drama. We haven’t had a meeting in months – I turn a blind eye to everything now. *Sigh*. They recruited another person to help out at bingo – this was an uninvited person – I have not talked to my partner about it yet but his wife said he is none too happy. He likes to control things and in all fairness, the poor man is surrounded by crazy old ladies as he is also the manager of the thrift shop. At bingo we have a nice little crew that gets along well. We’ll see what happens on Thursday. She might be a Godsend after all.
Anne – I totally get what you are saying about the addiction part. I tell people it took me 4 years of not smoking at all before I started to believe that I MIGHT have overcome smoking. I don’t miss the coughing and the chest tightness. I detest the way it smells, I flinch when people approach me who have just finished smoking as they stink but man – there are fleeting moments when it’s appealing. And I know for sure, if I ever smoked an entire cigarette again, I’d be back to smoking in a New York Minute. That’s the crazy addiction – you are right – many people don’t understand it. I remember when my dad (alchoholic) quit drinking. He said it was hard because he’d go back to the tavern to sit with his friends and just have a soda. Or at family parties or believe it or not at work where they’d go and have a few beers with lunch when that kind of thing was overlooked. He said the hardest part of quitting drinking was that everyone was always pushing a drink on him – oh just one. And you know one is too many and 1,000 is never enough. I was so proud of him as I am of you for keeping your committment. I think one of the hardest parts about facing your addiction is knowing you can’t ever have a taste of the devil again. Not even a smidge. That’s what I think about giving up Coca Cola – when I do walk away, it has to be forever as one little sip and I’m back again. My sister has tried to give it up over and over again so now she said she understands how tough it was to give up smoking for me or beer for Daddy.
DH gets frustrated with the full on masks because he has the dents in the face for hours after he wakes up. Yes, men lose collagen and tightness just like we ladies do. I told him “who cares – we are old people, no one looks at us”. I doubt the cats, turkeys or deer care much. That’s why he went to the smaller nose one that hurts so much. I think he forgot about the strap marks. Prepare for some complaining. And I laughed about the kids not coming near him. Sometimes I don’t get my goodnight kiss early enough and he tries to kiss me with his mask on which just blows air at me – yuck! I don’t think I could deal with that myself.
Thank you for the chicken and salad recipes. I don’t add sugar to my chicken salad (probably a good thing) but I do LOVE grapes in it. I could learn to eat it without but I sure would miss it. I am glad you are doing so well with your eating plan and you can easily adapt it for the family too so they are also benefiting from healthy eating. Are the boys still picky?
Enjoy that wonderful job you love so much for as long as you can. I had one of those too – best 4 years ever and then the universe had to go and muck it up which happens… But when you enjoy what you are doing, work isn’t so bad, is it?
Yesterday I picked up lunch from a caterer who does a pop up special lunch once in a while. Yesterday was Italian meatball sandwiches on a hoagie roll (I skipped the bread), a fresh fruit salad of melon, strawberries and pineapple and a crunch veggie salad we both liked – Nappa cabbage shreaded, sliced radishes, red cabbage, chopped celery, chopped red bell pepper, slivered carrots – all really crunchy stuff with a sesame Asian kind of vinaigrette dressing. We both liked it but we had to dig the Kalmata olives out of it first. Not olive fans here. I ate a part for lunch and finished it off for dinner yesterday. DH ate his in one shot and finished the shrimp scampi he made for me the other day. Today we are having senior center lunch – bbq ribs, baked potato, tossed salad and fruit for our big meal. Maybe eggs for supper tonight. I am trying to get back to cleaner eating again.
Susie – 50 pounds lost – bravo woman That is awesome. You have earned yourself a new wardrobe complete with shoes Very proud of you, I’m sure you feel amazing.
Ceejay – did you get your laundry done?
Laura – most people I know who are still working would love to push up their retirement date earlier if they could. Mostly it’s covering the health insurance that stops them. I hope your co-worker can make it happen. As Ceejay and I can attest – life if BETTER when you are retired
Hi Shad
I’d better jump in the shower or I won’t be ready on time. Be back later chicks.

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