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Pence appeals for complete GOP support for health overhaul

Jim Harper, hate to ruin your little bubble but this GOP bill is a joke and give away of an average of 7 million dollars a year for each of the 1%. It is also a gift a to insurance companies and drug companies. The poor and middle class will be screwed. Medicaid, from the looks of what you use is going to be demolished, and 15 million people will be without health insurance. Why do you think the GOP is trying to ramrod this mess through. They can’t afford the CBO to publish the facts before it gets passed. Whats even more laughable,is you think it’s a great deal because a 6 time bankrupt, refuse to pay his contractors, pussy grabbing, tax and draft dodging cheeto thinks tells you it is. One thing we should know after Trump’s first month is office is that if he thinks it’s a good a idea, you should run the other way.

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