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Puree Stage

I had greek yogurt, the infamous ricotta bake, refried beans – all of which don’t require any additional pureeing. and I still had 2 shakes a day in order to meet my protein goals.
for stuff I actually pureed, I used a mini food processor – black and decker makes a cheap one that was the perfect size – I think they run around $10-$15. In that I would throw either hard boiled eggs, a pouch of tuna/salmon or a small can of chicken along with some plain greek yogurt (could use low fat mayo), sometimes a teaspoon of mustard and blend it until smooth. Somehow the idea of pureed tuna salad (or chicken or egg salad) was more appealing than throwing a chicken breast and some broth in a blender. And with the different flavored pouches of tuna or salmon, it gave some variety.
Remember your sleeve is still healing and you are trying to slowly adjust it back to having regular texture food. I wouldn’t want to just stick to shakes/yogurt for a month and then jump right into a chicken breast. And the puree stage is short in the scheme of the rest of your life. Not a fun enjoyable stage but manageable.
High Weight at Consultation December 8, 2015 – 442lbs
VSG Surgery Weight June 17, 2016 – 364lbs

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