Raf Strubby

Suprisingly Strubby was never finished, there were always quite a few concrete bases for Nissen Huts but the remained empty, The bottom Dispersal (Pan) near the ATC was never surfaced and the Runway nearest the Tower was disused and the surface in poor condition, the short runway wasn’t used very often and rarely on night flying, when the Meteors used it at night the lighting was by Goosenecks, a sort of large watering can that had a wick that was lit, they were equally spaced down the runway, the short runway never had electric lighting.
The Hangars at this time were black and a lot of the buildings still had camouflage paint, this changed to hangars green and the other buildings an ochre colour(yellowy) our crew room was this colour but the doors and window frames were a Brunswick green, it all looked very smart but it had lost that wartime unique atmosphere, at the same time all the bowsers and tractors and ground equipment was painted bright yellow, before that we had RAF blue but with a yellow topping on the bowsers and tractors, the Mini’s retained their RAF blue as did the J2 crew buses.