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RTOS: SYSBIOS 6.35.04 / How to see RTOS Analyzer views in my development environment

In reply to ToddMullanix :
Hello Todd.
I tried to get the 4.2 views, but the link that you informed me was not found.
Here, I listed what I did as follows
1. I used System Analyzer (UIA Target) (installed in CCS V5.5).
2. I added LoggingSetup module to the application by default settings.
3. I builded the project without any error and ran a debug session.
3.1. But, a message appeared in Console view as follows
3.1.1. “out of memory : heap=0x0, size-14”
3.1.2 . “xdc.runtime.Error.raise : terminating execution”
3.2. I terminated the debug session and I modified the “heap size” in the menu below
3.2.1. Available Products -> BIOS -> Runtime -> Runtime Momeory Options -> Heap size = 512
3.3. I re-builded the project without any error and ran a debug session again.
4. The message disappeared and I could resume the second debug session.
4.1. The souce code seemed to work properly,but any RTOS Analyzer menu even the previously available
menus didn’t work.
4.1.1 A breakpoint stopped exactly at the line 82 : Semaphore_pend(mySem, BIOS_WAIT_FOREVER);
4.1.2 Any RTOS Analyzer memu didn’t work Even the previously available menus(Raw Logs, Printf Logs) didn’t work. The other menus still didn’t work.
These are problems after your comments.
Thanks in advance.
Sincerely yours.
Sinho kim

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