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RTOS/TM4C1294NCPDT: ti.sysbios.heaps.HeapMem on task

A task stack is different from a heap. Each task has a dedicated stack that it uses to store local variables, return addresses, passed in parameters, etc.
A heap is a memory manager. You can allocate memory via malloc or Memory_alloc.
When you create a task, if you don’t supply a stack, it will be allocated from a heap.
You need to increase your heap size. I’m assuming their is only one heap in your system (please confirm by looking at Tools->ROV->HeapMem in CCS). To increase the size of the heap, change the BIOS.heapSize parameter in the .cfg file.
If increase the heap size does not fix the problem, then you probably have a memory leak. You can use HeapTrack to help find memory leaks. The video covers this feature (along with exception and stack overflows).

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