Scattered Thunderstorms This Afternoon and Evening

NOTE: This blog post is pertaining to a chance for severe weather that is forecast for today, Friday, April 28th, 2017.
Showers have already begun in northwest Tennessee but as of this morning, West Tennessee is in an area that could see severe thunderstorms develop later on today. If you saw any of my weathercasts or posts yesterday, you know that there was still some uncertainty with this forecast. Today, the area that could see these thunderstorms is still uncertain but there are a few things we’ve learned from the weather data this morning.

West Tennessee is split between having no risk for severe weather at all and an enhanced risk (3 out of 5) which is largely placed north of I-40. If thunderstorms develop there today, that is where they could become severe.

To help convey the uncertainty with today’s forecast, let me show you some of the latest weather data.

This computer model shows heavy showers and thunderstorms in northwest Tennessee at 4pm.

For the exact same time frame, another model shows no rain in West Tennessee at all and all of the activity north of the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

Most of the models side with the data that shows very little rain in West Tennessee but I’m not convinced that we’ll get completely out of this one unscathed. What you need to do is stay weather aware! Those that live near the Tennessee-Kentucky border need to be especially vigilant today. I’ll post radar updates throughout the afternoon to keep you posted on which route our weather decided to take.
So to summarize:
Severe weather potential exists for northwest Tennessee this afternoon and evening Large hail and flash flooding will be possible if thunderstorms become severe but a large portion of West Tennessee may not see any rain at all today Thunderstorms will exit West Tennessee completely as they continue to move north after midnight Tune in to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News tonight for the latest forecast!