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Scrapping project Stage 2 by ibd2004

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Project Description
I have a web site with app in it built in Javascript which was done by first programmer.
We finished stage one in the project and now i would like to move to stage two but the programmer – he is a student and don’t have free time at the moment so i am looking for one more programmer to do this for me.
The web site has a scrapper that collect data from one web site and present it on our app. The app has an admin and user registration panel.
Here is information from the programmer about how he wrote the app so you will
get the idea what we are talking about here:
The client is writed in JavaScript es6-7 using React;
it also uses the React Router and Redux as main packages to manage multiple pages and the application state.
The server is writed in JavaScript es6 using ExpressJS.
The worker is writed in JavaScript es6 and it uses Request and CheerIO to handle the web scraping.
The main application is writed in JavaScript es6 and uses MongoDB as Database, mongoose as Database driver,
Redis as Queue service and Node Redis as Queue driver.
What i need from you in stage two?
1. Need very good communication and to be available to work on this to finish in 2-4 days max!
2. We will need you to scan about 6 new web sites (to write the same scraper for them as well)
3. You will need to add a few options to the user panel – like choose from categories to search from, filter with in a specific table,
and to adjust the template a bit with the new features.
You can login to the app to see how it looks now here:
[url removed, login to view]
email: test [at] [url removed, login to view]
Pass: test
and please look at the image attach to see the new design and new fetures that need to be done.
If you have experience with writing scrappers and using Javascript than we want you with us. We have a few more project to do after this one done.
Our budget for this stage is 50$ so please do not bid more than that.
Thank you

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