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scratch offs or draw games??

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Hello Everyone
I am new here and never played lottery before until now! I am 53 and personally know someone that won A MILLION here in Florida.
I have been playing both scratch offs and draw games and have won about 150.00 so far but am about 75.00 in the hole Is there a good way to pick numbers??? or should I just quick pick them? I have tried both ways and see it about 50/50 so far in the winnings
I also won much more on scratch offs than draw games. I would like to kind of take a poll here and ask if you have won more making your own numbers? or doing quick pick? Do you like scratch offs better??

I see a few apps on the google play store that help pick numbers but it looks like its random just like quick picks..

I look forward to hearing from everyone I would love to win a million!! fyi… I been playing the Florida powerball, fantasy 5 pick 4 and lucky money << draw games
and the scratch offs I played loose change, the doubler scratch offs as they have 2nd chance offers…. and also the holiday millions << scratch offs

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