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SKT T1 Peanut comes on Twitch drunk, 5AM Korean time. Gets dragged out by Kkoma in 30 minutes.

Some other points:
Huni likes to brag about his alcohol tolerance, purportedly 4 bottles of soju (~40proof), peanut says every time they drink he realizes how much of a shithead liar he is
He’s serious about wanting to get bigger, whether it’s muscle or fat: works out 4 times a week, eats 5~6 bananas a day, 3 chicken breasts, post workout protein shake + 2 more before he sleeps, 3 big meals a day, eastern medicine (underweight kids drink that), eel, ginseng, says he’ll be flabbergasted if he doesn’t gain weight. One of his fans told him “your shoulders look wider” and he said don’t send him empty compliments, he knows he’s not getting any bigger
Bang is the scariest member on the team when he’s mad. He gets mad playing soloq, and says you don’t wanna talk to him when he’s mad.
Half the shit faker says in interviews, especially when he says “I went in because I saw the kill opportunity,” is all horseshit and he’s a living example of ‘the winner gets to write history.’

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