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Spring into action – April 2017 Daily Check-In & Accountability Thread – Page 5

Morning all.
Thank you for your kind word and support.
I finally got paid from the hotel which is good. Especially because it turn out my car altinator was fried /: so that cost $500 to replace. BUT everything is fix so it’s going to be a good month. My sister and nephew will be flying in on Friday to spend easter at home house which makes me so happy. I feel like I could really use some nephew/sister bonding right now 😍
264.2lb is what the scale says. I have been really good about getting 10,000 plus steps a day (the odd day around 7k) I really need to work on drinking water at the hotel I’ve been lucky it I drink 1lt in a day. I’m not allowed drinks at the desk /: so my goal from the rest of the month is mainly get my steps and get drinking water again (plus not gain weight lol) the may I’ll get back into tracking what I eat.

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