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State of San Andreas (3D Universe)

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The Panopticon is a little area situated in Red County . Palomino Creek Main article: Palomino Creek Palomino Creek, with its infamous wheelchair on the dock.
Palomino Creek is a town located in north east Red County in the state of San Andreas. It is home to a bank, which has suffered from many robberies, a Pizza Stack, and Hanky Panky Point , a popular destination for teenage couples and weird old men. A mention on K-Rose radio station mentions a football game between Palomino Creek High School and Blueberry High School, in Blueberry (although there is neither a football field nor high school in either town).
Palomino Creek is the largest settlement in the state outside of the major cities. Montgomery Main article: Montgomery Montgomery
Montgomery is located in northeastern Red County. It has a small hospital called Crippen Memorial Hospital , a Well Stacked Pizza , and also contains a small horse betting shop . Dillimore Main article: Dillimore Dillimore
Dillimore is located on the northern outskirts of Los Santos. Although it is a small town, it contains a sheriff’s office , a Pay ‘n’ Spray , a gas station and a diner . It also has a safehouse and houses the large farm estate which contains the Quad . Blueberry Main article: Blueberry Blueberry
Blueberry is the biggest rural town in Red County. On the outskirts of town, there is a large farm and brewery. The town itself is home to a liquor store, Ammu-Nation and safehouse . The climate resembles that of San Fierro. It is possible that the buildings on the outskirts of town are a high school, and the fields could possibly be a football field of some sort, which would answer an announcement on K-Rose about a football game between Blueberry & Palomino Creek. Flint County Main article: Flint County Flint County
Flint County is an undeveloped rural part of San Andreas. There are no towns and only a couple of farms. There are only a few missions in Flint County throughout the game which mostly involve racing through it. Whetstone Main article: Whetstone Magnificient view of Whetstone featuring the most popular landmark of the area, Mount Chiliad
Whetstone is located in the south-west corner of San Andreas, just south of San Fierro. The county is home to Mount Chiliad, the tallest mountain in the state at a half-mile (800 m) in height. Angel Pine Main article: Angel Pine Angel Pine
Angel Pine is a logging town in Whetstone, located on the foot of Mount Chiliad. It is notable because it contains a hospital ( Angel Pine Medical Center ) from which Paramedic missions can be performed. It also contains a sheriff’s office , a saw mill , an Ammu-Nation and a trailer park . A hearse may also be found parked near the hospital. Carl Johnson was dropped off here by Frank Tenpenny , Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez after Sweet Johnson was arrested . Tierra Robada Main article: Tierra Robada Typical Tierra Robada scenery
Tierra Robada (based on the Sierra Nevada area) is a small, peninsular county north of San Fierro. Bayside Main article: Bayside Bayside Marina
Bayside is a waterfront town located on the western tip of Tierra Robada, just north across the bay from San Fierro. The sole access point to the town is directly linked to San Fierro via the Gant Bridge . The town contains two notable features. First, its boat school , where Carl can obtain his boating licence. Second, the town has a helipad, usually with a helicopter present, useful for travelling. It is a common rest stop for people traveling from San Fierro to Las Venturas.
The presence of the Bayside Marina and its proximity to the Gant Bridge suggests that the town is based on Sausalito , California and Tiburon , California before their upscale development, which is almost geographically similar to Bayside, in addition to having one of its access points connected directly to the Golden Gate Bridge. El Quebrados Main article: El Quebrados El Quebrados
El Quebrados is home to a sheriff’s department , a medical centre ( El Quebrados Medical Center ), and a safehouse . The town is located east of Bayside. The name El Quebrados , which is an improper mix of singular and plural Spanish, translates roughly to “The Bankrupt,” or “The Broken”. Las Barrancas Main article: Las Barrancas Las Barrancas
Las Barrancas is located within viewing range of the Sherman Dam , and is also located just beside a cliffside ruin. “Las Barrancas” is Spanish for “Canyons”. This town is likely based on Moab , Utah . Aldea Malvada Main article: Aldea Malvada Aldea Malvada
Aldea Malvada is a ghost town located in Tierra Robada overlooking El Quebrados on the outskirts of town. It literally translates into English as “Evil Village”. Bone County Main article: Bone County Bone County
Bone County, most likely based on Nye , Esmeralda , and Mineral counties in Nevada, is one of the most important areas of the game, other than the major cities themselves, containing many areas and missions needed for continuation; a large amount of Easter Eggs are also located within it. The county’s two most prominent features include a secret military base named ” Area 69 ” (based on Area 51 ) located at its centre, as well as the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard, directly north of Area 69. Bone County boasts an oil field ( Octane Springs ), a quarry , and several unique natural features such as mesas. The Sherman Reservoir and Dam Main articles: Sherman Reservoir and Sherman Dam Sherman Dam
The county is bordered in the west by the Sherman Reservoir and Sherman Dam (based on the Hoover Dam) as well as Tierra Robada county. Las Venturas is located to its east, and Red County to its south. The county as a whole is obviously based on rural portions for the American state of Nevada, because it has a similar climate, terrain and topography. A Dinghy raft and a Sea Sparrow can be found docked on both sides of the reservoir. Also, a Skimmer can be found just north of the dam, right at the part where the river (Based on the Colorado River ) splits. Restricted Area (Area 69) Main article: Area 69 Area 69
Area 69 is a restricted, fenced-off military base, modelled after Area 51 and named for the 69 sex position. The base houses various clandestine government projects, including the ” Black Project ” jetpack . It may possibly house some projects involving UFOs and/or extraterrestrial life, as suggested by the presence of the nearby ” Lil’ Probe Inn “, dialogue on the base’s PA system during the “Black Project” mission, and by dialogue on Marvin Trill’s in-game radio show.
Much of the base consists of underground research labs, although the player can only enter the labs during the course of one mission, or by finding a way into San Andreas’ ” Blue Hell “, an area under the main terrain mesh, and finding the underground base there. The above-ground structures include a series of control towers, guard posts, and garages for military vehicles. These garages are the first area in the game in which tanks and military helicopters will automatically spawn. The player automatically receives a five-star wanted level for entering, attempting to enter, or flying over the base (at a low altitude); surface-to-air missiles will be fired at the player from the base if he attempts to fly over. The SAM sites which launch the missiles can be destroyed however, and if flying a Hydra aircraft, flare decoys can be deployed to reduce the likelihood of being shot down. Fort Carson Main article: Fort Carson Fort Carson
Fort Carson is the largest town in Bone County, and also its county seat, as indicated by the small red building in the main street, having been significantly undeveloped as of 1992 . It is based on the real life towns of Rachel and Carson City , both being in Nevada: Rachel due to it being the closest inhabited settlement to Area 51 and housing the [Template fetch failed for]; Carson City for the appearance of the town itself; the main street, the town hall and the surroundings. North of the town is Area 69, as well as the smaller town of Las Payasadas . It also has a small hospital ( Fort Carson Medical Center ), a sheriff’s office and a safehouse . There is also an Ammu-Nation just outside of town. Fort Carson is also seen in ” The Introduction “. Ken Rosenberg was in rehab in the town’s hospital. The town is located west of Las Venturas . A small cropduster is known to appear next to one of the houses near here and it is flyable. Lil’ Probe Inn Main article: Lil’ Probe Inn Lil’ Probe’Inn
The Lil’ Probe Inn , a fictional bar/motel, is located north from Fort Carson. The Lil’ Probe Inn is actually a parody of the Little A’le Inn in Rachel; the interior of the Probe Inn matches the interior of the real life Little A’Le’Inn. Down the road from the Lil’ Probe Inn is Area 69. Its name is a mix of Little A’Le’Inn, while also referring to “probing”, the alleged anal probes used in alien research. The Big Ear Main article: The Big Ear The Big Ear
The Big Ear , a large satellite dish located west of Area 69, is claimed by the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website to emit radiation that results in birth defects in the local populace, specifically where newborns are born without ears. Las Payasadas Main article: Las Payasadas Las Payasadas
Las Payasadas (Spanish for “clowning off” or “antics”) bills itself as the home of “The Big Pecker — the world’s largest cock”, which in fact is a huge animatronic rooster designed to advertise a store called ” Pecker’s Feed and Seed “. It is located in northern Bone County. Possibly based on Palisade , Nevada. Las Brujas Main article: Las Brujas Las Brujas
Las Brujas is another ghost town located in the El Castillo del Diablo (Translation: The Castle of the Devil) region of Bone County. It is located right off the Verdant Meadows airstrip. Its name is Spanish for “The Witches”. It is based on Bodie , California. Fault reference
In real life, there is a geological fault named the San Andreas Fault , which runs the whole length of California. The fault line can be seen in-game while diving in the San Fierro Bay . Trivia

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