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T32 heavy – I am a rock star

rooz T32 heavy – I am a rock star image

As previously documented, I just unlocked the T32 heavy after a highly successful (63%) run in the T29. I wasn’t able to get the top turret last night due to time constraints, but I rolled this thing out anyway just to see how it played. I now boast a 2980 Wn8, a 100% win rate, 1898 damage, and 3 kills per game. I should just retire from war gaming now as arguably the greatest T32 tanker ever.
However I am looking forward to my second game in this and to getting the top turret. Yeah, I got a tier 8 standard battle at Himmelsdorf, but I was fighting IS3, IS6, Defender, and AT15, so it wasn’t a joke game. The narrow turret and wide mantlet actually held up. And I have tucked away 1 million credits for APCR as needed. So I’m very anxious to see how this goes. Being that it may be a mid- evening game, I’m guessing tier 10 with a bunch of mindless lemmings and an arty sets me on fire for 1200 damage since I carry 2 repair kits and a large Med kit. But hope is in the air.

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