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Instant Pot Whole Chicken

If you haven been looking to dip a toe in pressure cooking, Instant Pot Whole Chicken is the perfect recipe to start with! It is completely hassle free and has little to no prep work! All you have to do is throw your chicken in and and let you Instant Pot do the rest! Being a big meal prepper, cooking a whole chicken in the instant pot has been been a dream come true. They take so much less time than the oven and come out much moister! Lately, the…

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Not your father’s frozens

rooz Not your father’s frozens image

Not your father’s frozens Retailers report increased sales of more innovative frozen offerings. Julie Gallagher | Mar 17, 2017 Young shoppers have shown a proclivity for fresh and premium fare, but many are also responding to frozen foods touting global flavors, gourmet ingredients and clean labels, retailers said. “Millennials have been a tricky audience for frozen due to a penchant for fresh, less- processed foods, even more so than previous generations who had a kinder association with frozen foods and grew up using them more,” said Jennifer Goodrich, senior analyst…

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An Old Keeper’s tale on a February Dusk He placed the unflattering ‘silver’ platter of insistent tea and the unmistakable leri biscoot atop the moth-eaten table. Beside me, my brother looked uneasily at the lime painted walls of the concrete shack; no doubt, his mind enthusiastically wondering to the Gangajaal waiting impatiently to cleanse us a few blocks down the road. The room had meager furnishing, with some clothes hanging off a possibly rickety aalna , a shabby clock on the wall above the fireplace, some plastic stools, and a…

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“hey, can I borrow your homework?” “yeah, just change it up a bit so it’s not obvious that you copied” “alright, thanks” — Meninist (@MeninistTweet) March 19, 2017 Kass playing a happy song to the little birds 🙂 Kass french name is Asarim ^^ — Kekeflipnote (@Kekeflipnote) March 19, 2017 when u say ur going to take an hour nap and wake up 10 hours later — no (@tbhjuststop) March 19, 2017 Our 1st family pic! We were exhausted but we had to snap a pic, Becus…

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Chicken Soup for the Retiree Soul

It has been a wonderful 4 years to date since retirement, traveling across the country 3 times as well as Alaska and Baja California. We have seen so much and been able do pretty much exactly as we pleased during this adventure. We planned for this for many years and have no intention of stopping. But, there are several lessons both easy and those that can be pretty damned difficult that need to be learned along the way. These are tasks to improve your mental health through stress relief. HAVE…

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A Cat Called Chicken & The Play-Off Surge

This thread has arisen due to a unique set of circumstances and will probably only make sense to Shrimpers In Exile who go through strange superstitious rituals in support of our team back home. Yesterday afternoon at approx. 4.25pm Greenwich Mean Time, I realised that I just had enough time to sit down and follow the denouement to our game via Jeff Stelling and co.’s updates. Usually, if I turn on there and we’re winning, I stay with it so as not to upset The Gods of Football and jinx…

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Surely you joust?

I guess the big question is, how was Medieval Times? I almost wish it was terrible so I could’ve called it a knightmare, but that would’ve been a massive disservice to an absurdly fun and wholesome experience. My usual M.O. is to pump the gas on cynicism, but I figured with something like Medieval Times there was no point. I was actively looking to have a great time at nobody’s expense. I headed there with such an expectation of excitement that if it’d somehow literally rained on us in the…

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Being a Billet Mom: Welcoming ‘#itsCavin’ into our home

By Teena Monteleone Cavin Leth enjoys some family fun with billet brothers Colton (centre) and Treyton, Teena’s two sons. Teena Monteleone/paNOW Staff Leth in action on the ice. Dana Reynolds/paNOW Staff Leth and Colton during a Raiders open skate. Teena Monteleone/paNOW Staff (far left): Raiders Leth, Kolten Olynek, Teena’s spouse, Max Martin, Austin Glover and Kolby Johnson enjoy dinner at Teena’s house. Teena Monteleone/paNOW Staff Teena Monteleone is CKBI’s morning show host and paNOW’s director of information programming. She is the mom of two young boys, who “adopted” two more…

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Spring is upon us!

And then we got home from West Virginia and it feels like the winter projects are going to need to wrap up fast to make way for the spring ones – which is officially upon us tomorrow! Jason is outside, as I type, prepping the ground for peas, lettuce, dill, parsley, kale, beets onions and oats – all of which we hope to get in the ground before he takes off for his 10 day 40th birthday trip with our dads next Saturday! …and that was as far as I…

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20 Pressure Cooker Recipes (Plus How to Use a Pressure Cooker!)

rooz 20 Pressure Cooker Recipes (Plus How to Use a Pressure Cooker!) image

Affiliate Disclosure 0 Comments Nearly everyone is familiar with the idea of using a slow cooker for hands-off cooking over a long period of time. But there’s another kitchen tool you might have been overlooking that can come to your rescue on busy nights: the pressure cooker. You’ll be amazed what you can cook with these pressure cooker recipes, as both the speed of the cooking and the flavor is impressive. Similar to crockpot recipes , you can simply toss in the ingredients into the pot and hit a button…

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Another nor’ester came…

Here’s a before the incoming storm. I just moved the truck to this position so Ken Hill can bring a half ton of pellets. And this is exactly the way it looks out there. The sun is shining and it is in the high teens/low twenties. The sky is the blue-blue of a beautiful day. Birds are actually chirping as they dive bomb the pot of seed on the steps. A very tiny red squirrel was helping him or herself to a snack on the top step this morning. I…

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‘Most Beautiful Island’ Review: SXSW Competition Winner | Variety

rooz ‘Most Beautiful Island’ Review: SXSW Competition Winner | Variety image

Courtesy of YouTube March 19, 2017 | 02:55PM PT Winner of the narrative competition at SXSW, Ana Asensio’s directorial debut reveals a surprising, strong-willed side to her undocumented New York immigrant character. In Ana Asensio ’s Big Apple-set “Most Beautiful Island,” a cash-strapped but model-gorgeous undocumented immigrant agrees to attend a dangerous party for rich and ruthless New Yorkers. For think-the-worst Trump haters, this gritty low-budget drama could be seen as a dark spin on last year’s “Southside With You,” dramatizing an alternate history of how the Donald first met…

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The Cricket Experience with Seginus Farms

rooz The Cricket Experience with Seginus Farms image

The Cricket Experience with Seginus Farms Have you ever thought that eating crickets will become a new style of healthy food? * Products FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – If you are the type of person who likes to try any kind of food, what we called a foody person, you are not afraid to try something that it is not new or surprising, it is just that we time we stop eating it, and psychologically we get taught that we shouldn’t eat insects because they are grose.But, what if I tell…

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6 primal suggestions for improving behavior in kids

rooz 6 primal suggestions for improving behavior in kids image

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 08:21 UTC Last week, Chris Kresser wrote a great article discussing the emerging—and likely causative— link between poor gut health and childhood misbehavior . He explained potential mechanisms for the association, as well as solutions to counter it. But as any parent knows, getting a picky child to adopt your arsenal of perfect gut-supporting foods and supplements isn’t always easy. Not every kid immersed in the righteous anger of the terrible twos will stop what he’s doing to drink sauerkraut juice, nibble on kimchi, take resistant…

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Cooking with the Right Tools!

rooz Cooking with the Right Tools! image

Cooking with the Right Tools! March 15, 2017 By Colleen 7 Comments Cooking with the Right Tools! Yes, cooking with the right tools really does make your meals much easier, tastier and healthier! I consider Pampered Chef to be the right tools you should have in your kitchen! I have used Pampered Chef for over 20 years and decided I would become a consultant to share with others how great their products really are and offer an easy way to buy Pampered Chef Online ! I am here to say…

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BigPicture10 Sunday Reads

rooz BigPicture10 Sunday Reads image

BigPicture 10 Sunday Reads by Barry Ritholtz My easy-like-Sunday-morning reads: • As Easy-Money Era Winds Down, Investors Bet on Growth (Wall Street Journal) • The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency (New Yorker) • Trump delay of the ‘fiduciary rule’ will cost retirement savers $3.7 billion (Economic Policy Institute) • How ‘Consumer Relief’ After Mortgage Crisis Can Enrich Big Banks (New York Times) • Why Corporate Leaders Became Progressive Activists (National Review) • Google’s Algorithm Is Lying to You About Onions and Blaming Me for It (Gizmodo) see also…

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Spring Break At Last

Boy, was I ever ready! The weather continues to be crazy ups and downs. Let’s see, I need to go back to a week ago Saturday. Bean was at his State Meet and did great again, cutting time and making a new record in his club for backstroke. I was at Rae’s, visiting a dear friend of hers and her adorable boy. Giddy-up had a cool science experiment to share and Mr. Smiley was unusually snuggly. After breakfast, and checking everything going on inside, we ventured out to chase chickens….

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Pho Sky serves tasty noodle soups

rooz Pho Sky serves tasty noodle soups image

at Pho Sky in Beaumont. Photo taken Wednesday 3/8/17 Ryan Pelham/The Enterprise at Pho Sky in Beaumont. Photo taken Wednesday 3/8/17 Ryan Pelham/The Enterprise Photo: Ryan Pelham/The Enterprise Image 2 of 15 Melting fries with cheese, egg and pork or beef jerky at Pho Sky in Beaumont. Photo taken Wednesday 3/8/17 Ryan Pelham/The Enterprise Melting fries with cheese, egg and pork or beef jerky at Pho Sky in Beaumont. Photo taken Wednesday 3/8/17 Ryan Pelham/The Enterprise Photo: Ryan Pelham/The Enterprise Image 3 of 15 Shrimp and avocado summer rolls at…

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The Hundred-Year Language

April 2003 (This essay is derived from a keynote talk at PyCon 2003.) It’s hard to predict what life will be like in a hundred years. There are only a few things we can say with certainty. We know that everyone will drive flying cars, that zoning laws will be relaxed to allow buildings hundreds of stories tall, that it will be dark most of the time, and that women will all be trained in the martial arts. Here I want to zoom in on one detail of this picture….

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