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This Day, June 20, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

JUNE 20 840: Louis the Pious, King of the Franks and the Holy Roman Emperor by virtue of being the son of Charlemagne. When it came to dealing with his Jewish subjects, Louis followed in the footsteps of his father. During his reign charters were issued giving “Jews permission ‘live according to their Law.’ They promised protection of body and property and permitted freedom of movement and trade including…the right to hire Christians to work in their homes. Some Jews were also exempted from the laws of trial by ‘ordeal…

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EDENGRAD: Game gets a new “War” content update, hits Steam Summer Sale

rooz EDENGRAD: Game gets a new “War” content update, hits Steam Summer Sale image

Tweet Edengrad, the immersive MMORPG, has been updated with new content and features. The updated game will be available on Steam Summer Sale. Edengrad is a hardcore survival MMORPG game rooted in post-apo genre and drawing on the best features of such classics as Fallout, Mad Max and Wasteland. The game takes place in a world contaminated after many years of global wars. Only a small fraction of society managed to survive the turmoil, but due to heavy pollution, still faced extinction. The chosen ones left the Earth and traveled…

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Obligatory Post About E3 Part II

Since I did not really watch much from E3 live, all this post is going to be is listing a number of games that peaked my interest while looking through the games that were announced/updated/talked about/what-have-you. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown : Loved Ace Combat X on the PSP and I’ve been chasing that high with the Ace Combat games ever since. Based on trailer, seems like it’ll be better than AC: Assault Horizen (hopefully anyway). (PC/PS4/XBO) Ashen : Open world survival in a sunless world, and not co-op dependent…

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This Week’s $47 ALDI Shopping Trip and more…

I stopped by ALDI today and got some great deals (as always!): ALDI Shopping Trip Mangoes — just $0.49 each (we’re not a huge fan of mangoes, otherwise I would have bought more!) Watermelon — $2.99 (I thought this was […] Here’s what’s new: This Week’s $47 ALDI Shopping Trip PINCHme Sample Tuesday: Get a huge box of free samples tomorrow at Noon EST! Two-pack of Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Water Bottles for just $12.99! COSORI Electric 7-in-1 Multi-Functional 2-Quart Pressure Cooker for just $45.99 shipped! Get…

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How video game achievements feel. : gifs

Same, I bought it during a Steam summer sale 4 years ago and still haven’t played it. I have dozens and dozens of games I never played or played for a little while and never finished. It’s a problem.

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SUMMER Sale 2017 en @Gamersgate – Día 2 – Parte 1

rooz SUMMER Sale 2017 en @Gamersgate – Día 2 – Parte 1 image

Ofertas de Videojuegos de PC… y Juegos de mesa. Usa estos enlaces para comprar en Amazon: Ayudarás al blog de manera sencilla. martes, 20 de junio de 2017 SUMMER Sale 2017 en @Gamersgate – Día 2 – Parte 1 Posteado: ¿Quieres saber de las ultimas ofertas ansiosas? : Te invito a ¡SUSCRIBIRTE! (Via Rss) Entradas Destacadas: Grupo de Steam Colabora con VayaAnsias Si te gusta lo que hacemos y quieres ayudar al hosting, a los sorteos y a otros gastos del blog, puedes hacerlo mediante este botón: Y compra tu…

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LGR – The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Review

Every couple of weeks I think? If nothing else they’ll probably all be on sale for the Origin summer sale, which should happen within the next few weeks because they usually do their big sales to match timing with Steam.

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Galapagos Islands! — Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands! – Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador Where I stayed Galapagos Eco Lodge San Cristobal Feb 18, 2013: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal Island We’re in the Galapagos! What a great first few hours! We had 3 flights over a 32 hour period, 2 flight delays & only 2 1/2 hours sleep. I was starting to hallucinate I was so sleepy. By the time we arrived on San Cristobal Island & started walking around we instantly perked up though. The ocean front was teeming with…

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[Steam Key] Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen £8.15 @ Bundle Stars

rooz [Steam Key] Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen £8.15 @ Bundle Stars image

freeman76 Almost did everything on xbox twice….great game. Would love to play in 60fps on pc but not sure i can do it all again. It may even be cheaper in steam summer sale tho… im hoping it’s nice and cheap in the summer sale too, been flogging my steam cards and building up a good few quid to out towards it. god knows why people buy those things but I’m not complaining 8)

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From our archives: Here’s a look back at this week in 1972

rooz From our archives: Here’s a look back at this week in 1972 image

Close 1 of 10 During the summer of 1972, Charles Elledge, the former principal of Marion High, was again portraying the Rev. Isaiah Sims in Boone’s outdoor drama “Horn in the West.” In this photo, Elledge (left) is hugging the bride and groom in the drama’s wedding scene. “Horn in the West” was performing for its 21st season that summer, from June 23 through Aug. 26. At the time, Connie Fashion at the Lady Marian Plaza had summer dresses on sale. During the week of June 18, 1972, McDowell County…

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Deals: Big iPhone 7 coupon + a new PC Gaming Summer Sale

Deals: Big iPhone 7 coupon + a new PC Gaming Summer Sale Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site You want to upgrade to the iPhone 7 but know the $650 cost is just too steep for you budget. Well, that excuse is not as strong now that eBay launched a 48 hour coupon code . Select retailers are getting an extra 20% stacking discount on top of any existing savings. The result is the cheapest iPhone 7 with a drop to $479.99 in refurbished condition ($170 less than the…

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus | Nazis in MY America? It’s More Likely Than You Think! – Page 16

rooz Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus | Nazis in MY America? It’s More Likely Than You Think! – Page 16 image

Quote: : » Quote: : » I purchased the old blood yesterday because it was cheap on steam and I want to get the backstory before this comes out. Been a while since a trailer released for a new game made me go: “Damn! Better pick up the one before it.” The Old Blood was more of a stand alone expansion(and a prequel i think). The New Order was the full game and the sequel will pick up from its ending. Yeah, The Old Blood ends the second before The…

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Maniacal Monday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 6/19/17

There are SUPPOSED to be stars there… Welcome to Monday my friends. I’m tweaking the title a bit up there to be a bit more natural/varied, so I hope y’all like it. These articles are an ever-present work-in-progress, so every now and then I might change something up. Hopefully the content will always stay awesome though! Speaking of, I’ve got some content for y’all this week, starting with 1995’s insanely mediocre space sim, Renegade: Battle for Jacob’s Star . This game came out a year after TIE Fighter and Wing…

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[steam]: Oxygen partially included. 49

rooz [steam]: Oxygen partially included. 49 image

And if you dont buy it now, there is still Steam Summer Sale in a week! “So in the Second Season of Prison Break, They’re Already Broken Out of Prison, But the Name Works Once You Realize That Society Is a Prison.” Steam Profile

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