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The Beach

*** This review may contain spoilers *** Having not read or being familiar with the novel of which this film is based upon, I had a clear view and non-bias judgment based upon the film in a viewing. The Beach is somewhat looked upon as a forgettable or lesser known film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and a lesser Danny Boyle film. This is for obvious reasons. The film did poorly in the domestic box office but was able to make up its budget due to the foreign market (perhaps due to DiCaprio’s starpower, since the Beach was his first film after Titanic).
The film has an interesting premise and somewhat decent plot, but it doesn’t reach the proper levels that it could have. Not knowing how much is adapted based on the novel, it is more difficult in judging. However, the film is quite bland when watching despite its scenery. It felt more so like an early MTV based film than and actual mature Danny Boyle film. Leo plays an interesting character but besides him, we don’t seem to care about the rest, and that hurts the film. The final 30 minutes or so fall downhill as it becomes tiresome and tedious in a bad way.

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