Trump impersonator releases shredded tax returns at Tax March

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Trump impersonator releases shredded tax returns at Tax March By Brooke Seipel – 04/15/17 04:38 PM EDT 1,305
A comedian impersonating President Trump during Saturday’s Tax March in Washington, D.C., mockingly “released” Trump’s tax returns, hurling streams of shredded paperwork into the crowd.
“So we wanna release the tax returns, we can do it, boys? Where are the tax returns,” the Trump impersonator said. “I want you to know everyone can look at them now and we’re all even. Am I a good president now?”
Two people then hurled shredded papers representing Trump’s tax documents into the audience, prompting jeers and boos. . @RonWyden A Trump impersonator tosses piles of shredded tax returns onto booing crowd. He crawls off stage to chants of “Lock him up, lock him up!!!” — Jack Smith IV (@JackSmithIV) April 15, 2017 ADVERTISEMENT The impersonator, Anthony Atamanuik, is the host of Comedy Central’s new series “The President Show,” a late-night program during which he does his Trump impression and discusses current events.
The impersonator was one of a number of speakers outside the Capitol on Saturday as part of the Tax March, which was aimed at pressuring Trump to release his tax returns.
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