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Quote: : It still works pretty good if you don’t base your currency, jobs, and tax system on selling oil to people.
I was recently thinking of this and Scotland. What if Scotland were to create tidal hydroelectric on a larger scale, so that they had surplus energy to sell to England, Wales, France, and maybe to the Netherlands.
You wouldn’t base your whole tax system on the guarantee that that electrical surplus was always there to sell and that others would always buy it. You wouldn’t make electricity free in Scotland, because you need to pay for the system and PROVIDE JOBS FOR PEOPLE.
And I wouldn’t be saying, “We hate the US” and crap like that even if Russia guaranteed a lot of money or support, which is always shaky. You don’t criticize people for monetary gain, I think even if your back is against the wall.
You would be finding out how to harness the surplus to produce other products or services, like making aluminum, growing stuff, or mining stuff. I bet Venezuela didn’t do this. If they had insured everyone had a chicken coop in their country, no one would be chasing down the rats right now.
The US sucks at this also. If we had a critical food shortage for whatever reason, no one would be able to feed themselves after a couple of weeks. every tree has been picked clean
and just as with any too big of government problem they will not let you grow your own, make your own, import your own unless the governing class says so and gets the first cut
if you do you are part of the black market(think prohibition era) and essentially the only thing holding up these economies right now
also the first group to go to prison for their crimes of capitalism
i mean this isn’t that hard to figure out people
How The Black Market Is Saving Two Countries From Their Governments
this doesn’t happen by accident
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