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‘We never had a relationship with the African-American community’

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Allison Loggins-Hull says: April 10, 2017 at 5:23 pm It’s about accessibility. I am an African-American, classically trained flutist and composer. I am privileged in that my parents had access and so did I. Exposure to the fine arts is a privilege. Which is why outreach is essential. This man says, “We don’t have the resources or the energy, or whatever it is…” I call that BS. They don’t have the WILL.
And neither do many of you. Which is shameful. It actually isn’t rocket science and it isn’t complicated. If we were talking about outreach to monkeys or giraffes, I could understand, but we’re talking about human beings, (yes, black people are humans, who enjoy the arts and nice things, just like you! Shocking, right? *sarcasm)
I’m incredibility irritated by this man and this comment thread. For those of you that have been so offensive, you are perfectly happy with the status quo and lack vision. You are non-contributors to the advancement of humanity and the arts. I am involved with and have witnessed the work of so many talented, visionary artists/organizations who are making improvements when it comes to diversity and the results are beautiful. They are impactful. They are critical. AND, they contribute to the evolution of the art.
Do some research. And stop referring to us as “the blacks.” I mean, for chrissake.
So much blatant ignorance and racism these days. Exhausting.

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