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What’s your favourite film

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Re: What’s your favourite film
Quote: : Mine is currently ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.
Watched it five times with five different groups of people. Including in Spanish.
What’s your favourite film?
Whiplash, i love that film because of the musical instruments the students played, I love watching someone playing drums, the actor Miles Teller is brilliant in it and it was about the student eventually standing up to the bully tutor. It made me wish i had gone to a posh university just to study music. I watched that twice in the cinema and 3 times on the internet
The Hateful Eight, that was so funny. I’ve seen that 3 times or more
Fright Night, the one that has Colin Farrell in it
Guardians of The Galaxy
Kick Ass 1 & 2
As Good As It Gets
Contracted, i saw this one a couple of days ago. It was about catching something
( Use your imagination )
Life Stinks, it’s a comedy about a millionaire who bets another rich man that he can live on the streets as a homeless person for 30 days without any money and if he fails the other guy can take over his company then near the end of the film he meets a crazy homeless woman and ends up marrying her. It was very funny
I recommend all these films
I have a long list of favourite films so i couldn’t just choose one
I saw them all on

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